Priiloader or StartPatch?

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  1. x_r3ap3r_x

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    Mar 14, 2010
    As the title describes, I'm interested which one is better. Its not for me as i have Bootmii as boot2 but I've been modding a couple of Wii's for my friends so they can use USB Loaders but they have new Wii's and can not use boot2. Does StartPatch have any brick protection? My plan is to install the following on a virgin 4.2: HBC 1.0.8, Then update to 4.3, then cIOS rev20 (what's the best base IOS for this?), Hermes v4 or v5 (whats better?) and either StartPatch or Priiloader. I have modded a couple of my friends Wii's a while ago and they are at 4.1 and i wish to update theirs. Any Info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Richardarkless

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    Dec 11, 2009
    Startpatch doesnt have any brickprotection so definitely install priiloader

    4.3 is unneeded really just update to 4.2 and install ios58 and then prevent disk and online updates in priiloader and they will be fine

    ciosx 249 base? ios38 if you use an old wad manager, ios56 if you dont use an old wad manager, ios56 supposedly is compatible with more games than ios37
    250 base? ios37

    Hermes v4, 222 ios37 (or ios37+38) and 223 ios38

    Hermes v5.1 for 202 ios60 and 224 ios57

    get those here
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    exactly what Richardarkless but when it comes down to ciosx make sure it's rev20b and the base is ios38.
    to comment on the 4.3 did you used waninkoko's 4.3 updater? as for th topic question priiloader all the way.
  4. Richardarkless

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    Dec 11, 2009
    rev20b and the normal rev20 is the same cios, all that was different was how it installed that cios, so the cios's I linked to will be fine

    I feel ios38 is obsolete as it was only needed for an old version of wandikoko wad manager and 1.7 fixed that problem, most if not all my apps work fine with 56