Price of exchange drive for the Wii

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    I have a Gamecube compatible Wii and want to play Gamecubegames on it. Problem is that I have one of the newer drives in it so that I cannot solder a modchip to it as the drive isn't compatible to burned media.

    The Wii is "hacked". What for solutions could you give me. Would be the best solution to get a premodded drive or is there an emulator to run games off of an external HDD like it is with the wii games? I have read that some games have streaming audio which isn'T supported by many chips/software.

    So is there a good solution for me?
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    NintenDONT I believe is the one which allows USB loading for GC games.
    Or DIOS MIOS...

    Someone better knowledgeable then me can explain what you need to do ;p
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    there is.

    you can also install Dios mios (which is a gamecube firmware replace) however this method is older and the creator vanished...

    PS: the project of dios mios is most likely gone.. since it was uploaded on google code which is now dead, the files were at crediar's website which is also dead...
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  4. GerbilSoft

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    Don't bother with DIOS MIOS. Nintendont basically supports everything DM did, and then some:
    • More reliable memory card emulation.
    • Audio streaming.
    • Support for USB and SD in a single build.
    • Wii controllers (Wii Remote + Nunchuk, Classic Controller, Wii U Pro Controller)
    • Triforce games
  5. Futurdreamz

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    nintendont and CFG loader. You can use WiiFlow, but I like CFG loader as it's finished and it doesn't force you to cycle through other emulators and channels to switch between wii and GameCube games.
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    I always wanted to get my wii gamecube ready, but I could never really parse the guides. Or i never set aside the time. My research says that Nintendont is the one you want.
  7. GerbilSoft

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    Mar 8, 2012
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    For Nintendont it's a really simple setup:
    1. Copy the Nintendont loader to sd:/apps/Nintendont/ (or usb:/).
    2. Copy game disc images to /games/GAMEID/game.iso (subdirectory structure is currently required; I'm working on removing this restriction).
    3. Start the Nintendont loader via Homebrew Channel.
    4. Select storage device, then select a game.
    If you press B in the game list, you can adjust the various Nintendont options, including the size of the emulated memory card. (Don't use anything higher than 251 blocks; I usually use 59-block emulated cards, since the default setting is to use one card image per game.)
  8. GreyWolf

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    crediar isn't vanished... He's right here. :) You can still get the source from but it requires a few tools that aren't in the repository to finish building it into a MIOS. I can provide them if anyone needs them.