Preview of a WIP: "The Plan"


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Jul 7, 2008
Indianapolis, IN
United States
Hey all! Right now I'm working on a new novel called "The Plan".

What is "The Plan"? It's a story about hope, dreams, ambition, robots, transhumanism, conviction, promises, love, psychopathy, and consciousness. It's about success, failure, desire, fulfillment, logic, transcendence, and opportunity.

More specifically, however, it's a story about a strange young man's journey to conquer the world and live forever. Speaking of "forever", I've already chosen a theme song. It's a shame I can't get anyone to do a short animation, as I have some wonderful ideas about a visual opening theme.

At the beginning of the song, I imagine a sunrise over a world that is stylistically similar to a blueprint. The sunrise, in this case, is yellow, which is blue's compliment. As the sun rises higher, you can see a young man with long, white spiky hair (the protagonist, Graham Miles). He's sitting on a desk which follows the "blueprinting" style of the rest of the world, and is, in fact, a desk with a lamp on it similar to those used to actually make blueprints. The document he's working on is a map of Earth.

As the song continues towards the 55 second mark, it shows various flashes of different things he's designing, like robots with shapeshifting capabilities, labyrinths, 3D printers, holographic devices, cybernetic wings, and so on, right up until it says "Forever", when it zooms in on his mouth as he syncs with the song. It then flashes the infinite symbol, after which it shows two vertical drawn eyes separately.

After the 55 second mark, the acid trip really starts. The scene switches to people sinking into the Earth while others seem to fall upwards into the sky. (Names also flash across the screen, as I would use this section for credits as well.) As the people sink into the Earth or fall into the sky, they attempt to grab each other's hands from different positions, but fail.

The next scene shows a shooting star streaking in an arc across the sky. Where it ends, another character from the story begins doing an upside-down moonwalk back across it with a blank look in her eyes. This is a brief scene before it moves on to the next.

The last scene, and the one that takes the longest by far, is a portrait of a huge line of paper people all across the globe, similar to that famous picture that represents global unity with them holding hands. However, they are moving in time to the music, handing each other money as they turn around to stab each other in the back. Then, a group of robots begins to appear and strings reach out to attach themselves to the paper people. The music "glitches" here and the picture blurs for a second before showing them holding hand in hand, swaying back in forth in time to the remaining music as they are hooked to a puppeteer's cross.

Then it finishes with the rough, bombastic ending to the song, displaying the words "The Plan" along with my symbol above it.

If I had to pick two of the biggest inspirations for this series, I would have to pick Death Note and Dexter, although you would replace the murder with megalomania and the end goal being to obtain eternal life through a technically driven, reworked society.

I might post the first chapter soon, but I'm not sure. I'm pretty busy these days, but I felt like I had to get this off of my chest.

What do you guys think?

Edit: Thanks to whomever cut those extra posts.

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