Preventing (and possibly removing) the browser lock on older firmware versions

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    If you haven't used the internet browser on your 3DS yet and/or haven't gotten into contact with the browser lock, you're able to prevent getting the message completely on your 3DS.

    If you've come into contact with the message, then at least for the time being you are prevented from removing that message until someone manages to workaround this. However, as this is stored as a cache somewhere on the 3DS, it's definitely possible that a system format may potentially remove that cache although it's not trivial to do so. Keep an eye on the 3Dbrew Internet Browser page for updates.

    Preventing the message is very similar to blocking Nintendo firmware updates through OpenDNS, in fact it's roughly the same process.

    Since there's already a tutorial on using OpenDNS to block Nintendo firmware updates, you can use the tutorial here.

    The domains that you should be blocking to prevent the update nag:

    After doing so, you should be able to browse to the browserhax payload and install themehax if you haven't already.

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    I will be using this to reclaim my access to browserhax I guess.
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    I think a system format is the only thing that hasn't really been tried yet. If anyone's got a nand mod and willing to take the plunge to do a system format to remove the message, by all means, chime in and tell us how it goes.

    But did you also block the URLs?
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