Prevent being banned ( If you were not already. )

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by Xerot, May 29, 2017.

  1. Xerot

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    May 23, 2017
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    I do not take any responsibility for any damage done to your device or you losing your LocalFriendcodeSeed_B(You wont brick if you DO WHAT I SAY). These methods were NOT made by me. You need Boot9Strap or A9LH for this to work.

    This is here until a patch/fix for the ban wave is found.

    A Computer
    3DS With Boot9Strap/A9LH
    A LocalFriendcodeSeed_B (Google it)
    Godmode9 (Optional but Recomended)
    A safe place to store files


    Turn off your WiFi on your 3DS along with SpotPass, sharing titles with friends, and StreetPass. (If you have not already)

    2. Turn off your device and open Decrypt9WIP. After that then go to sysNAND options, System File Dump..., Dump LocalFriendCode_B, and dump the one that says LocalFriendCodeSeed_B AND NOT ANY OF THE OTHER ONES!

    3. Unmount your sd card/micro sd card and put it in your computer. Then go to /files9/ on the root of your sd card and put the LocalFriendCodeSeed_B IN A SAFE LOCATION (Preferably on a cloud server like GoogleDrive or Dropbox in case of deletion.). Again I do NOT take responsibility if you lose it.

    Take the LocalFriendCodeSeed_B you downloaded (Not the one from your 3DS) and put it in the /files9/ folder on your sd card.

    5. Unmount your sd card from your computer and put it in your 3DS. Once you have done this open up Decrypt9WIP and go to sysNAND Options, System File Inject... , and Inject LocalFriendCodeSeed_B making sure its the one that says ONLY LocalFriendCodeSeed_B.

    6. This step is optional but recommended. Turn off your device and open Godmode9. Next go to SDCARD/files9 and open LocalFriendCodeSeed_B in hex editor. Then open the LocalFriendCodeSeed_B you dumped off your 3DS and open that in a hex editor of choice ( I use for convenience. ) and check to see if they are different, if they are you can continue to the next step, if they arent repeat steps 4 and 5 then check again.

    7. CONGRATS! Just turn on your 3DS and you are free to connect to the internet. If you are banned just download a new LocalFriendCodeSeed_B (Not the dumped one) and repeat the steps.
  2. LongDongSilver

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    I know you're trying to help, but there are already several other threads detailing on how to avoid getting banned
  3. Drakia

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    Mar 15, 2008
    This is not guaranteed to stop you from getting banned, there's no proof that Nintendo doesn't already have a list of "to ban" console information.

    This is also just a generic LFCS injection, nothing new.
  4. Xerot

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    May 23, 2017
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    I'm aware I just made this as a step by step guide, also all of the ones to prevent being banned just say to turn off SpotPass
  5. KaoTigris

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    I was ready to come in here and roast you for writing this up since it just looked like a copy paste from the other guide at a glance, but then I realized you're just telling people to use a shared friendcode file to avoid having their original banned.
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    Doesn't really make any difference if you use a public LFCS_B and then get banned, or you use your original LFCS_B and then get banned, the end result in both cases is that it will have to be unbanned by switching LFCS_B, only in the first case you'll have your original one as a fallback, but finding a unbanned LFCS_B is not difficult so I don't really see much point in this.

    And the current public LFCS_B is not likely to last very long with all the bans that have been happening recently and all the people that are using it, it's most likely already flagged.

    The entire LFCS_B is sent to Nintendo when you connect and I'm pretty sure the console serial number is too, surprised they haven't noticed that multiple consoles are connecting using the same LFCS_B yet.
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  7. Xerot

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    May 23, 2017
    United States
    The reason I did this was to allow people to go online while waiting for a official way to stop being banned and switch back after it is released
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