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    Jan 12, 2009
    still learning all things IOS...
    but i'm not sure about PRELOADER or BOOTMii...

    can both be set to run side by side, or which is better...?
    reading the FAQ guide on PRELOADER (which still scares me) and understood that i have to use a different hack.ini for system menu ver.4.0
    what about BOOTMii... can this be installed safely on system menu ver.4.0 (dumb question!) and what configurations can be done on this...?

    what are the benefits of each...?


    another question...
    i've been having rather alot of problems over the past months with my backup discs...
    rather alot of the games will not run green screen, or game kinda works but get a blue screen instead...
    games were NTSC, but Trucha'd, regionfrii and then "video mode changer" using Wankikoko tool ver.1.0 to PAL

    *running pal system menu ver.4.0
    **using NeoGamma's R6 launcher
    ***all latest trucha bug enabled IOS's installed (is that wise or are the old ones better?)