Preloader 0.30 - System Menu IOS

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by SirECK, Jan 17, 2010.

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    Hi everyone. I am wondering something that has been haunting me for some time now.

    I have Preloader 0.30 Installed with BootMii installed as IOS and everything seems fine. I have unbricked my Wii once thanks to these 2 pieces of software.

    But I have been reading alot of things about how Preloader uses an IOS and if the IOS it depends on is removed or currupt and your will bricks you out of luck.
    I was woundering what IOS it uses and in the preloader settings what is the "System Menu IOS" for? Mine is set to 60 but I read once that to set it to 249.

    Can you help me sleep at night? [​IMG]
  2. techboy

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    Preloader runs on the IOS that is used by whatever menu you're on. If you're on 4.0 or 4.1, it uses IOS60. 4.2 is IOS70.

    The system menu IOS setting in preloader is used ro force the menu to run under the selected IOS.

    With preloader the boot process is basically: Power->boot0->boot1->boot2/bootmii if installed->IOS60 loads->Preloader loads-> Preloader reloads selected IOS (if going to system menu)->Preloader starts System Menu/HBC/installed file.

    Setting to 249 is not a good idea, since it disables the settings menu. If you do set it to 249, the banners on backup games will appear on the system menu, but the games will not run (you need cIOSCORP or a chip for that).