PrBoom 3DS, Where to put WAD files?!

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    I can't seem to find any info on this in the readme or on the page:

    EDIT: After trying various folder titles...

    ...turns out you put your wad files in the root of the SD with prboom.wad.
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  2. elhobbs

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    for 3dsx you put the files in the same folder as the prboom3ds.3dsx file. for cia it just uses the root directory. I think you might be able to put the files in a folder named "doom" in the root directory - however all of the save files and the transmap will be written to the root directory. I am not really sure what the appropriate directory would be for cia files. some people really dont like folders in the root directory and I have never seen any consensus for a homebrew directory structure (of course I also wont say that I looked too hard) - I am open to suggestions though.