power management on HDD

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    Mar 9, 2008
    i HAD to make a partition so the wii can use it via a wbfs partition. so i split it in half. 750gb each. and eberything is fine. now and then, the hard drive enters sleep mode and the wii freezes until the hard drive is turned back back on (turns back on automatically). this is really annoying. so i downloaded the power managment from the buffalo website.. i disabled it. and it still enteres from time to time/
    i CANT select a drive to turn off sleep mode HOWEVER it reades the BUFFALO Harddrive.

    oh, the drive is in NTFS
    anyway to fix this?

    will deletiing the partition via EASEUS make the whole drive back to 1.5tb?

    if i go back to the FULL 1.5tb, and TURN OFF power managment, THEN making a partition and formstting one as a wbfs, would it solve my problem?

    OR is there a way to make the whole 1.5tb wbfs? because i had problems with it before. i get a ret0 error while trying to boot a game. ,making a partitiob fixed it.

    im using 4.0E, rev10, cfg loader.