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    Jul 11, 2006
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    [​IMG] POWDER 106
    Roguelike Game for the DS & GBA
    An update for the roguelike homebrew game for the Nintendo DS, POWDER.
    Full changelog and download links below.
    * Updated 32x32 icons from Ibson the Grey that have the new weapons.
    * Describe Ricochet. (Malte Helmert)
    * Extra regen for being full occurs even if you have a ring of regeneration worn. (Malte Helmert)
    * Regenerating magic when hungry occurs deterministically. (Malte Helmert)
    * Sleeping creatures are not damaged by light attacks.
    * Creatures who can't eat won't be hungry or full, regardless of pre-poly state. (Tobias Pierce)
    * Port to the GP2X by David Parker, done original for version 104, has now been rolled into the official build process. (David Parker)
    * Fix a type mismatch passing a structure as a pointer (!!) which surprisingly only caused problems on some platforms. (Peter Roozemaal, with patch)
    * Attempted to move all systems to va_copy - I hope I'm not longer using any old enough compilers that complain. Apparently MSVC still lacks va_copy. (Peter Roozemaal)
    * Some liches were locked up in a secret room as a temporary measure until I do a proper fix for AI opening doors. (The Rani)
    * Pushing a boulder against another boulder now has a full stop. (FEG)
    * Remove redundant to in bind soul description. (David R. Shultz)
    * Anachronistic reference to jello replaced by jelly. (R. Dan Henry)
    * Improved message for losing water walk (R. Dan Henry)
    * Pax will now grant Endure Hunger and Teleport. Tlosh will grant Preserve. Klaskove will grant Blunt Weapons. (R. Dan Henry)
    * +10 flaming swords have been overpowered because the +10 counts as a pure damage bonus to both the flame and regular sword attack, effectively giving +20 damage. To mitigate this, enchantment bonus is now only added to the base sword damage, not any bonus artifact or fire damage. Further, the enchantment is rolled against so you get +1d10 damage rather than +10. This doesn't effect +1 weapons, but provides a sliding penalty for the overpowered weapons tossed around by H'ruth.
    * Fixed source code comment that lied about ways to charge lightning rapiers. (Adam Boyd)
    * You can really eat water elementals now. I hope.
    * There is now a mini icon for the rapier. It is the same as the sword in all builds but Ibson the Grey. You may guess who motivated this inclusion. (Ibson the Grey)
    * The Leather Helm now has its own tile icon so you can tell it apart from iron helms on the dungoen floor. (Jan Milewski, Ibson the Grey)
    * Speaking of which, the Ibson the Grey tileset has caught up to all the current tiles and also sports distinct male and female clothing.
    * Casting wizard eye and possess will now be noticed by the gods. (R. Hamaker, Bridget Farace)
    * When you choose a god or forget a spell there is now a confirmation.
    * Your current god is reported when you level up. (Meddyan)
    * An entry on the wiki was ret-conned to be correct.
    * Skills and spells don't show up in the intrinsic list if they'll show up later anyways. (R. Dan Henry)
    * Torches classified as weapons rather than misc, so thus should no longer change their properties when artifacts become or unbecome being torches. (David Damerell)
    * Jumping will noise your feet as expected.
    * After you have filled your highscore list, you will get the option to pick a starting god to avoid having to start-scumm to get equipment suitable for different gods. (Derek S. Ray)
    * Option to pick a random name. (Sam Goldfield)
    * Firing upwards with ice/fire wand no longer affects the square you are on.
    * You can now zap lightning rapiers. (Bunnyriffic)
    * Special rooms now have their doors flagged so creatures will not open them until you do - this should avoid out of depth creatures wandering the dungeon and killing you. (Derek S. Ray, Brendan)
    * Remove forbidden double knowledge from description of bleeding wounds skill (David R. Schultz)
    [​IMG] Download for Nintendo DS; GBA; Download New Art Pack
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] GBAtemp Discussion Thread

    Thanks to FireEmblemGuy for the news!

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