Pouli High - Discord Roleplay [In which i desperately need peeps]

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Fatih120, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Jan 22, 2016
    Cornwall, Ontario
    There's this RP that I have that is run inside discordapp.com (You shouldve heard it by now). However, it's been really slow now because many active peeps have left and now I desperately need more joiners, so let's get to it.

    You have been invited to a newly-established and prestigious school - Pouli High. Only the lucky are able to enter, and regardless of who you are, you were chosen. Pack your bags as you prepare to fly to the school. You will meet classmates and become friends with them, but the plot rolls in to intervene, you will find that the school hides away some dark secrets... It's up to you and your friends to find out what it is and graduate together, having stronger bonds.

    - Multiple channels of locations simulate free-form travel across the school
    - Private dorms for private discussions
    - A plot of anticipation and fear!!!
    - ...Has a bunch of inactive people. That's why I'm really needing people. pls join
    - A personal Prologue to help set you up

    2 important things: No characters with super powers or the like, please - they can have a special talent, however (ex. Very observant of people, or drawing skills, etc. stuff like this will help me help your character!). The next is that I'd prefer if THE CHARACTERS ARE ORIGINAL. I'm not gonna force it on you, but I'd like to stick to new ones that you don't use anywhere else for certain reasons. Oh, and if it isn't obvious, no characters from existing universes (Unless you're persistent on an OC you have or self-insert, but again).

    If you're interested, great! Come PM me over in discord with my id, Fatih#4806 ! In PMs, I will hand you the signup sheet and play the prologue before you eventually join the server.
    Don't have an account? It's okay! It's very easy to sign up and you don't need to activate your email!

    But again, I really need people. Can't stress it enough. Even if your RP experience is NONE, and this would be your first time, still, you could help out! Of course, I'd like if you can keep grammar good in your sentences, but besides that, I'm newbie friendly.

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