Potentially bricked wii... help?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by ayjis, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Jul 10, 2011
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    I softmodded my Wii in September 2010, I don't remember what version it is.

    The other day my little brother puts in a legitimate Wii game, and it asks him to update. He doesn't think about it and just clicks yes, once I saw it I freaked out about it and then he turned it off. It was in between clicking the "Yes" to update and another warning screen, asking you to click "I agree" or something like that. It hadn't started downloading anything yet.

    Ever since he turned it off in between these two menu screens, it wont turn on anymore. I've checked a few places to see if its fixable, but I'd like some opinions here before I give up on it. I have Bootmii on my SD card, it used to start bootmii by default and now doesn't do this anymore. When the wii powers on it just doesn't do anything, no sound or video, but the blue light around the disc tray comes on, and the power light is on, it also makes a sound and receives/ejects discs. It turns off still if you hold the power off button.

    Anyone know what I can do to fix this, if anything?
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    Check for boot2 bootmii. Put the bootmii folder on your sd card, bootmii should start. If not remove all disc, sd card, usb, gc stuff and turn on the wii, look for two quick flashes from the blue led drive light at boot. If it flashed twice quickly you have boot2 bootmii, if not you don't.

    Check for preloader/priiloader, hold reset and turn the wii on, keep holding reset. If preloader/priiloader is installed it will load.

    Check for functional recovery menu. If bootmii and preloader/priiloader do not work check to see if you have a functional recovery menu. Use a gc controller and do the savemiifrii trick.

    Check to see if you can power the wii on with the wiimote. Does the wiimote still power the wii on?

    Do you have a bootmii nand backup somewhere?
    This wii is older and you did have bootmii installed as boot2?
    What was the game that gave the update?