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    5 hearty durains
    effects: 20 extra hearts
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    @retrofan_k I absolutely love your sig... I would have never guessed that he was Shang Tsung, but now I know... =P


    *refill = fill up to (but not more than) the max that you already have
    *overfill = temporarily grant amount listed on top of what you already have

    Simmered Fruit
    + 5 hearts
    x3 apples
    x2 wildberries

    Fish Skewer
    +8 hearts (this could be a critical cook, not sure just looking at ingredients list)
    bird egg
    hyrule bass

    Meat Skewer
    +6 hearts
    raw meat

    Salt Grilled Fish
    +3 hearts
    rock salt
    Hyrule bass

    Hot Buttered Apple
    +2 hearts
    goat butter

    Hearty Mushroom Skewer
    Full recovery +1 temp hearts
    hearty truffle

    Hearty Fish Skewer
    Full recovery +2 temp hearts
    hearty bass

    Hearty Steamed Mushrooms
    Full recovery +6 hearts
    x3 hearty truffle
    hearty radish

    Energizing Honeyed Apple
    +5 hearts +half wheel endurance refill
    courser bee honey

    Enduring Fried Wild Greens
    +20 hearts +2 wheels endurance refill+overfill (critical result)
    +7 hearts +half wheel endurance refill+overfill
    x5 endura carrot

    Hasty Veggie Cream Soup
    +2 hearts +1 level movement speed boost for 3:20
    swift carrot
    fresh milk
    rock salt

    Spicy Sauteed Peppers
    +5 hearts +1 level cold resistance for 12:30
    x5 spicy peppers

    Chilly Mushroom Skewer
    +5 hearts +2 levels heat resistance for 12:30
    x5 chillshroom

    Mighty Simmered Fruit
    +6 hearts +1 level attack up for 2:30
    hyrule herb
    sanke carp

    +5 hearts +1 level attack up for 3:10
    x3 apple
    x2 banana

    Mighty Crab Risotto
    +4 hearts +1 level attack up for 4:10
    hylian rice
    goat butter
    rock salt
    razorclaw crab

    Mighty Meat and Rice Bowl
    +5 hearts +1 level attack up for 3:20
    raw meat
    hylian rice
    rock salt

    Tough Mushroom Skewer
    +1 heart +1 level defense up for 00:50

    Tough Fried Wild Greens
    +1 heart +1 level defense up for 00:50
    fortified pumpkin

    Tough Steamed Mushrooms
    +1 heart +1 level defense up for 1:40

    Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin
    +3 hearts +1 level defense up for 1:20
    fortified pumpkin
    raw meat

    Steamed Fruit
    +4 hearts
    palm fruit
    hyrule herb

    Salt Grilled Prime Meat
    +4 hearts
    rock salt
    raw prime meat

    +3 hearts
    rock salt
    fresh milk
    bird egg

    Hearty Salt-Grilled Greens
    Full recovery +4 temp hearts
    chickaloo tree nut
    rock salt
    hearty radish

    Hearty Omelet
    Full recovery +3 temp hearts
    hearty radish
    bird egg

    Energizing Glazed Seafood
    +7 hearts +2 wheels endurance refill
    courser bee honey
    staminoka bass

    Energizing Glazed Meat
    +10 hearts +half wheel endurance refill
    hylian shroom
    raw bird drumstick
    bird egg
    courser bee honey

    Tough Salt-Grilled Crab
    +5 hearts +2 levels defense up for 3:30
    rock salt
    armored carp
    ironshell crab

    Tough Seafood Rice Balls
    +8 hearts +1 level defense up for 4:50
    hylian rice
    fresh milk
    x2 armored carp

    Sneaky Veggie Rice Balls
    +2 hearts +1 level stealth boost for 3:00
    blue nightshade
    hylian rice

    These are just the "uniquely named" recipes I have found... Add more of something or other to improve strengths....
  3. Casis

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    This is a well made list. I actually made mine on my phone which takes slower so I didn't put as much effort into the looks. If you want you can go to page 4, copy and paste it and merge it with yours, since this is more organized and such. It includes recipes that have the resistances and buffs that are at the highest level of effect and last 30 minutes each.
  4. Mansize

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    May 18, 2017
    Wrote this guide on another site a while back. It aims to group recipes based on the similarity in ingredients without considering the effect (which you can add easily by adding effective ingredients on the fly). The main purpose is to have an easily accessible list of what ingredients lead to the different kinds of base dishes.

    Covering the basics

    The resulting dish will depend heavily on what kind of types you combine.
    The types are;
    - Meat
    - Seafood
    - Mushrooms
    - Vegetables
    - Fruits
    - "Other" (not a real type, more a category made up of entirely different types).
    Almost all ingredients add either to base recovery of HP or duration of (any) effect, or both.

    The "Other" category is actually a large category of different "types" of food that have no special effects at all, but are strangely often the deciding factor in what a dish will be. You can typically recognise them because you can't photograph them for your compendium. Don't go cooking without them! They are;
    - Tabantha Wheat
    - Cane Sugar
    - Goat Butter
    - Goron Spice
    - Hylian Rice
    - Rock Salt
    - Fresh Milk
    - Bird Egg
    - Monster Extract
    - Courser Bee Honey.
    - Nuts (aren't that crucial to cooking, more useful for Elixirs).
    Courser Bee Honey actually DOES have an effect as energizing and CAN be photographed for your compendium, but it doesn't sit well among the effective ingredients. Monster Extract has a random effect on duration or recovery, either positive or negative.

    What special effects the dish may provide depends on what specific kinds of Mushrooms, Vegetables, Fruits and Seafood you use for the base recipe, or on top of it.
    You can stack effective ingredients to make it more effective, but attempting to combine different effects will negate all. The possible effects are;
    - Hearty (increase HP that can't be recovered),
    - Chilly (Heat-resistant),
    - Spicy (Cold-resistant),
    - Electro (Shock-resistant),
    - Hasty (Movement),
    - Mighty (Attack),
    - Energizing (recover stamina),
    - Enduring (increase Stamina that can't be recovered),
    - Tough (defense)
    - Sneaky (stealth)
    - Fireproof (prevents you from catching fire)

    Important to keep in mind;
    - There is no Fireproof effect for cooking food, this is an effect exclusive to elixirs, as only the Fireproof Lizard and the Smothering Butterfly give it.
    - There is no Vegetable with an energizing effect.
    - There is no Seafood with an enduring or hasty effect.
    - There is no Fruit with energizing, enduring, tough or sneaky effects.
    - Spicy Pepper and Fleet-Lotus Seeds are counted as Fruits, not Vegetable; just so you know.
    - Carrots and Pumpkins count as Vegetables, but often work to make unique dishes.
    - Hylian Shroom, Hyrule Herb, Apple, Wildberry, Palm Fruit, Hyrule Bass and Sanke Carp have no special effects aside from recovery and added duration (unlike everything else of their type), but importantly still count as their respective type for the end result.
    - Meat never has special effects (so only recovery and duration here).
    - Sometimes Fish, Snails and Crabs have the same influence on the end result as a type (Seafood), hoever, sometimes they have a unique effect as "subtypes"
    - Sometimes Salmons, Trouts, Basses, Carps, Sankes, Porgy have the same effect as subtype "fish", sometimes one or more have a unique effect.
    - Dishes that require Snails in particular actually really need the Hearty Blueshell Snail. I suspect this to be a glitch that may be patched with an update, but who knows.
    - Many guides on the internet copy a fault that snails can be used in elixirs. This is untrue.
    - Many guides on the internet have a fault that Tireless Frogs are energizing; this is erronous, they are enduring. They are the only enduring ingredient for Elixirs possible, the energizing ingredients are the Energizing Rhinobeetle and the Restless Cricket

    I found it extremely practical to group the dishes by similarity, to quickly scan for options whenever you have certain combinations of those precious "Other" ingredients. Then, experiment by adding effective stuff (not listed here if it isn't needed for the base). The only thing you need to keep in mind when adding effects to these bases is really that you do not contradict the effects of certain specific ingredients essential to the recipe that already have an effect; mostly when Pumpkins, Carrots, Honey or specific Seafood is required.

    Base-ingredients; One type of ingredient not from the "Other" category
    Meat Skewer; Meat of one type
    Copious Meat Skewer; Any four different Meats
    Seafood Skewer; Any Crab or Snail
    Fish Skewer; Any Fish
    Copious Fish Skewer; Any four different Fish
    Mushroom Skewer; Any Mushroom
    Copious Mushroom Skewer; Any four differnt Mushrooms
    Simmered Fruit; Any Fruit
    Copious Simmered Fruit; Any four different Fruits
    Sautéed Nuts; Any Nuts
    Sautéed Peppers; Spicy Peppers
    Fried Wild Greens; Any Vegetable
    Copious Fried Wild Greens; Any four different Vegetables

    Base-ingredients; Two types of ingredients not from the "Other" category
    Gourmet Meat and Seafood Fry; Gourmet Meat or Whole Bird and any Seafood
    Prime Meat and Seafood Fry; Prime Meat or Bird Thigh and any Seafood
    Meat and Seafood Fry; Raw Meat or Raw Bird Drum Sticks and any Seafood
    Pepper Steak; Spicy Pepper, any Meat
    Pepper Seafood; Spicy Pepper, any Seafood
    Steamed Meat; Any Vegetable, any Meat
    Steamed Fish; Any Vegetable, any Fish
    Steamed Mushrooms; Any Vegetable, any Mushroom
    Steamed Fruit; Any Vegetable, any Fruit
    Fish & Mushroom Skewer; Any Mushroom, any Fish
    Meat & Mushroom Skewer; Any Mushroom, any Meat
    Fruit & Mushroom Mix; Any Mushroom, any Fruit
    Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin; Fortified Pumpkin, any Meat

    Base-ingredients; Rock Salt
    Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat; Add Raw Gourmet Meat or a Raw Whole Bird
    Salt-Grilled Prime Meat; Add Raw Prime Meat or a Raw Bird Thigh
    Salt-Grilled Meat; Add Raw Meat or Raw Bird Drum Sticks
    Salt-Grilled Crab; Add any Crab
    Salt-Grilled Fish; Add any Fish
    Salt-Grilled Greens; Add any Vegetable
    Salt Grilled Mushrooms; Add any Mushroom

    Base-ingredients; Courser Bee Honey
    Honey Candy; Add nothing
    Honeyed Fruit; Add any Fruit
    Honeyed Apple; Add an Apple
    Glazed Veggies; Add any Vegetable
    Glazed Mushrooms; Add any Mushroom
    Glazed Seafood; Add any Seafood
    Glazed Meat; Add any Meat

    Base-ingredients; Bird Egg (no kidding)
    Omelet; Add nothing.
    Mushroom Omelet; Add any Mushroom, Rock Salt and Goat Butter
    Vegetable Omelet; Add any Vegetable, Rock Salt and Goat Butter
    Fried Egg & Rice; Add Hylian Rice
    Crab Omelet with Rice; Add any Crab, Hylian Rice and Rock Salt

    Base-ingredients; Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter
    Salmon Meunière; Add a Hearty Salmon
    Porgy Meunière; Add any Porgy
    Seafood Meunière; Add any Seafood

    Base-ingredients; Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar, Goat Butter
    Fruit Pie; Add any fruit
    Pumpkin Pie; Add Fortified Pumpkin
    Carrot Cake; Add Swift or Endura Carrot
    Apple Pie; Add apple
    Nut Cake; Add nuts
    Egg Tart; Add an egg
    Monster Cake; Add monster extract
    Fried Banana; Add Mighty Banana, but leave out the Goat Butter.
    Fruit Cake; Add fruit, but leave out the Goat Butter.
    Meat Pie; Add Rock Salt instead of Cane Sugar. Add Meat.
    Fish Pie; Add Rock Salt instead of Cane Sugar. Add Fish.
    Wheat Bread; Add Rock Salt instead of Cane Sugar, leave out the Goat Butter.
    Hot Buttered Apple; This is just an Apple and Goat Butter, big whoop

    Base-ingredients; Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar, Fresh Milk, Bird Egg
    Wildberry Crepe; Add wildberry
    Honey Crepe; Add Courser Bee Honey
    Plain Crepe; Add nothing
    Egg Pudding; Leave out the Tabantha Wheat

    Base-ingredients; Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Fresh Milk
    Clam Chowder; Add a Hearty Blueshell Snail. Why this doesn't work with a Sneaky Snail is beyond me.
    Pumpkin Stew; Add a Fortified Pumpkin
    Gourmet Meat Stew; Add a Raw Gourmet Meat or a Raw Whole Bird
    Prime Meat Stew; Add a Raw Prime Meat or a Raw Bird Thigh
    Meat Stew; Add a Raw Meat or a Raw Bird Drumstick
    Carrot Stew; Add a Swift or Endura Carrot

    Base-ingredients; Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt
    Seafood Paella; Add a Porgy and a Hearty Blueshell Snail
    Seafood Fried Rice; Add a Porgy and a Hearty Blueshell Snail, leave out the Goat Butter
    Salmon Risotto; Add a Hearty Salmon
    Crab Risotto; Add any Crab
    Vegetable Risotto; Add a Fortified Pumpkin, or a Swift or Endura Carrot
    Mushroom Risotto; Add any Mushroom
    Gourmet Poultry Pilaf; Add a Raw Whole Bird and a Bird Egg, but leave out the Rock Salt
    Prime Poultry Pilaf; Add a Raw Bird Thigh and a Bird Egg, but leave out the Rock Salt
    Poultry Pilaf; Add a Raw Bird Drumstick and a Bird Egg, but leave out the Rock Salt

    Base-ingredients; Goron Spice, Hylian Rice
    Gourmet Meat Curry; Add Raw Gourmet Meat.
    Gourmet Poultry Curry; Add Raw Whole Bird
    Prime Meat Curry; Add Raw Prime Meat
    Prime Poultry Curry; Add Raw Bird Thigh
    Meat Curry; Add Raw Meat
    Poultry Curry; Add Raw Bird Drumsticks
    Seafood Curry; Add Hearty Blueshell Snail or Porgy.
    Vegetable Curry; Add Carrot or Pumpkin.
    Curry Pilaf; Add Goat Butter
    Curry Rice; Add nothing (boring)
    Monster Curry; Add Monster extract


    Base-ingredients; Hylian Rice
    Meaty Rice Balls; Add any Meat
    Seafood Rice Balls; Add any Fish
    Mushroom Rice Balls; Add any Mushroom
    Veggie Rice Balls; Add any vegetable
    Gourmet Meat and Rice Bowl; Add Raw Gourmet Meat or Raw Whole Bird, and Rock Salt
    Prime Meat and Rice Bowl; Add Raw Prime Meat or Raw Bird Tigh, and Rock Salt
    Meat and Rice Bowl; Add Raw Meat or Raw Bird Drumstick, and Rock Salt.
    Monster Rice Balls; Add Monster Extract and Rock Salt

    Base-ingredients; Milk
    Warm Milk; Add nothing.
    Creamy Heart Soup; Add Voltfruit, Hearty Radish, Hydromelon
    Cream of Mushroom Soup; Add any Mushroom, any Vegetable and Rock Salt.
    Veggie Cream Soup; Add a Fortified Pumpkin, a Swift or an Endura Carrot and Rock Salt
    Creamy Meat Soup; Add any Meat and Rock Salt
    Creamy Seafood Soup; Add any Vegetable, any Seafood and Rock Salt
    Cream of Vegetable Soup; Add any Vegetable and Rock Salt
    Monster Soup; Add Tabantha Wheat, Monster Extract, Goat Butter

    Are generally much more predictable than cooking dishes
    They consist of;
    - A Critter for the effect, add more of the same effect to increase potency
    - Optional; Nuts for added health restoration
    - Monster Parts for duration!
    Horns, Tentacles, Balloons, Toenails, Screws, Springs, Jelly, Wings; 70
    Fangs, Talons, Hoofs, Fins, Tooths, Shafts, Gears, Special Jellies & Wings; 110
    Guts, Tails, Cores, Keese Eyeball; 190

    Extremely effective for recovery
    Consists of;
    - A Fairy
    - Optional; Gemstones, Critters and / or Monster Parts
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    Added a link to this post on the main page
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    Thanks! I feel honored. Have lifted the "base" ingredients out of the spoiler sections for easier optical scanning.
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    I know this has definitely already been said but my fav recipe that I learned right off the bat was Honeycrisp Apple. Honey + Apple + Acorn. The only reason I remember is because I just knew that combination was going to make exactly that ha
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    Somehow got an ice cream onto my dishes. Not sure how tho.
    Funny thing is that its name is "Elixir"
    The recipe is 4 sunset fireflies and a bokoblin horn.
    I tried replicating it, but i just got a normal elixir with that, so don't expect any ice cream from that.
    I am pretty sure it was due to some kind of bug, because i don't remember getting an ice cream while cooking elixirs.

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    Read aboiut this a while back. This is a glitch. The game sometimes ... forgets... what effective elixir is in a certain slot, and puts the ice cream cone in its place. It is not related to visiting cold places. The ice cream is unaffected by heat. Merchants will buy it for 0 rupees. Aka, the most useless item ever.
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    OP Recipe: One Big Hearty Radish and four Hearty Radish grants full health and 17 bonus hearts
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    This is the best you could make if you need the hearts .... and hearty durains are common
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    Hearty Elixir
    Full Recovery + 13 Extra Hearts
    x1 Monster Extract
    x3 Hearty Lizard
    x1 Lynel Guts

    NOTE: You can only have a maximum of 30 hearts in the game. So if you have 20 hearts, this will fill all 20, and give you 10 more temporary hearts.
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    4 meat and finished
  17. AsWeGoAlong14

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    Full name of the recipe: Hearty Simmered Fruit
    Amount of heart recovered: all hearts
    Additionnal effect: adds an extra 20 hearts
    Duration of those effect: ?
    List of ingredients used: 5 hearty durians I believe
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    I would like to know is there a form so we as a Community can see why people get banned for
  19. Sethtimus Prime

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    You should probably ask that in Site Discussions & Suggestions.
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