post some of your favourite Progressive/House Techno'ish (and Old School HipHop) songs.

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    Apr 2, 2013
    (and yes i did youtube and google for this before posting in here, but i could not find much and mayhap some of you know of some great songs.)

    so Hey fellas, i workout quite often in the gym and i'd love to have some more songs in my phone.
    my songs are getting repetetive as i do not have that many to begin with.

    and i am weird with songs, the tune/melody and bass has to be really good or else i do not listen to them.
    could some of you guys please post some of your faves , or any kind/type of beat that is really pleasant to listen to.

    i love good tunes/melodies.
    and if possible, post some house/techno'ish or old school hip hop.

    i listen to all type of rap/house techno'ish songs, and it don't matter if you know some that is from the jpop or kpop side ,just post 'em.

    thanks! (thanks for moving the thread.)
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