Post-E3 - Why 2017 is one of the most interesting years in gaming

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    (This is based on my personal opinion, while some statements were based on facts)

    Every year while E3 is going on, It makes me wonder how far gaming reached in innovative ideas, better technology, improving customer service and fan support, and recycling game features without ruining it's good reputation.
    Some indie developers which I knew personally, had their debut in 2017 and succeeded pleasing many gamers, while some weren't recognized at all.
    This year I finally had the opportunity to try many VR experiences, mostly enjoyed ADR1FT and SUPERHOT VR. (I know, most of the experiences aren't from this year, but we'll let it slide, right?)

    And yet some of you probably still wondering...what makes 2017 an interesting year in gaming?
    Well, it's just my opinion, but the relationship between the developers and the costumers were more visible through different forums, and that makes the development progress more interesting. How the fans support the W.I.P game? How development of an unfinished product gave inspiration to more projects in the future? When the developer is implanting his feedback to his project and in which way?
    I've been active in many forums over the years, but the amount of equal support in order to finalize new games was increased, while in the past most partnerships were private until the launch date or later.
    It's just amazing to see how developers changed their approach, and with less shame than ever. Even at the hacking community, there are scene groups who are trying to fight against the anti-temper program, Denuvo.
    I've never seen a fight like that before, where one specific program tries to block any reason of piracy, and yet there are pirates who work hard to unlock the gracious loot, no matter how many companies implement this program in their games.

    From a nostalgic perspective, 2017 was also the revival of beloved franchises like Crash Bandicoot, Banjo Kazooie(in the form of Yooka-Laylee), and many more. I won't be surprised if more revived franchises will be announced later this year.
    And finally, the Nintendo Switch, an hybrid gaming console. While the game library isn't that big yet, the idea of taking a home console everywhere is something I never thought would work. Somehow Nintendo surprised me, and it makes me
    wonder if other companies will try to "copy" this concept in the future.

    Long story short, 2017 was and still revolutionary(at least for me) in many ways, especially when it relates to fan support. While we're far from a Future Future Future gaming experience(reference to the Devolver Digital conference), we can still enjoy from what we have created until now.
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    I haven't paid much attention to E3 this year because I've been following the fallout of the election here in Blighty. From what I've seen, it seems rather shit. There hasn't been anything new which has caught my eye and excited me. Rather the same old and same old. Whilst I appreciate new hardware, I'm mainly a software guy, I want games. Especially as how brilliant 2017 has been for games.

    I don't care for the Xbox One X because I have a gaming PC, I love the concept of the Switch but it has no games I'm interested in bar Mario Odyssey and I don't know if I can justify buying a system for one game.
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    E3 2017 made me realize just how grateful I am for Nintendo games.
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    Despite there not being a lot of new things at this E3 being nominally more disappointing than previous years, I think I will have to agree. The industry had gotten into a rut of late where everyone copied everyone and there was very little lack of innovation. But now, you're seeing so many titles hit the back-burner some more and more companies rethinking their strategy and trying to bring in more creative voices in development. For example, Assassin's Creed is taking a whole new direction this year. Nintendo's changed up their game plan drastically and are catering to a whole different audience. We saw games earlier this year like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Even Bethesda, who had the most disappointing conference of them all, is embracing VR and seems to really be making some big changes under the surface. And the indies! Of recently, so many indie games have made it into the limelight. There's been a huge surge in creativity, too, as Kickstarter projects that began years ago have just started coming out, Steam and other marketplaces have grown, etc. I feel like 2017 is this awesome transition year and perhaps a resurgence of some of the excellence the industry saw a decade or two ago. I don't think we're in for a crash, like so many people have been saying. Rather, we're in for a renaissance.

    You don't know how much I agree with this statement ^^^^^^^^^
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