Possible to rename channels / injected games?

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    Reposting to relevant thread:

    I have taken the huge mission to inject hundreds of games on to my Wii U.. so longgg.. but I'm pretty OCD, and have noticed so many games have pretty shitty titles. I just realised (like a complete idiot) that the WiiVC Injector already has a renaming tool, but i'm already halfway through!

    Is there a way to rename the games on my system? I tried downloading the nintendont titles, but that didn't change anything (as the games are stored in a different place?). I have already injected over 100 games, and at least 30% or so need their titles changed.
    ie: instead of 'NFS: HP2', change it to 'Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit'

    I saw there is an FTP type app (FTPii everywhere); Could I use that to change the titles of GC and Wii / Wii U games? How would one go about achieving this?

    Many thanks
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    Don't post the same question in multiple threads/subforums. It will get you conflicting responses rather than quicker ones.
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    Sorry mods feel free to delete.

    I’ll download ftpii everywhere and have a look.. just need to know what files/directory to edit.

    Update: I figured out which files to edit pretty quickly, but there are just so many folders, named with numbers, so I guess if I want to change the name, I’ll have to reinstall. (Unless someone knows a logical way to explore the hundreds of random folders).

    Update 2: ok, maybe I haven’t got the right folder, because I am changing the titles and it isn’t showing on my Wii U console. I’m going into the meta xml and changing the ‘longname_en’ and shortname also?
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