Possible to play Retail Cart in Emunand mode? (plus questions about saving .cia games)

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    My o3DS autoboots into Emunand (10.3) thanks to GW.3dsx.

    I decided to try and play Pkmn X but I wasn't sure if I could do that through Emunand - can I just eject the GW red card insert the retail cartidge? Or can I only play retail carts through sysnand?

    Is it possible to extract my save file from the cartidge, and use it with .cia backup to play in emunand?

    If I'm playing games on my emunand, what is the best way to ensure my game saves? Can I just save in-game then close software (with x button)?
    What methods will not save my game (so I can avoid them)?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions. I try to keep from posting too many threads so I wait til I have a few.
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    No, You need to enter the Gateway menu and boot "classic mode" to play with retail carts, regular "gateway mode: (emunand) won't work.

    Yes you can extract saves from cia installed games using SaveDataFiler (SDF).
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  3. Hayleia

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    Feb 26, 2015
    With the latest releases, GW decided to be smart so you can play retail carts in GW mode. Just put your cart in, press SELECT, usually don't touch anything (but you maybe you'll need to play with options sometimes) then press B twice.
  4. LameNobody

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    Classic mode is no longer required as of gateway 3.6..
    You can launch retail cartridges by entering the gateway game selector / multirom menu, pressing DPAD UP and selecting classic sysnand, classic 7.x -, or classic 7.x +
    (pretty sure 7.x -/7.x + are for save crypto)
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