Possible to partition HDD for nintendont and Wii ISO?

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    Hey guys, brand new here and gearing up to mod my vWii. One question, I've seen that you have to partition your HDD to FAT32 for using nintendont. I have a 2TB HDD that I have as a NAS for my former DVD collection. I have it on a USB splitter that I can switch over to be used with the Wii U. I now want to backup my Wii and GC collection to this hard drive to use with the Wii U. Question is, will this work? Could I partition my HDD in such a way that I retain the NAS access to my DVD collection (I'll move these to my PC temporarily to format the drive) yet have a folder or partition for GC and Wii games? I thought I read Wii games can be stuck anywhere, but the GC games are a little more finicky as to how the Wii U can recognize it. Is this a possibility? How would I go about doing it? Thanks for any help and thanks to the hard work everyone puts into making things like homebrew and nintendont.
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    if your NAS doesn't need your content to be in the primary partition then just create 3 partitions. 1 fat32 as primary for GC, 1 ntfs for wii games and the third for whatever your NAS requires.
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    I don't believe it does. The specs webpage for my router (ac68u) says it allows up to 8 partitions, so I assume if be able to 'point' the router where I'd want. Where should my backups for NES, SNES, etc. Emulators reside?
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    I believe your NAS is NTFS?

    Gamecube games must be in the first primary FAT32 partitions.
    Wii games can be in FAT32 or NTFS partitions so they can either go with your gamecube games or with your NAS or on its own (put why making so many partitions? it is not efficient storage wise.)
    For other backups, you will have to check the spec of the relevant apps if they support NTFS. FAT32 is pretty universal for Wii homebrew.
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    Try searching the forum. This is asked constantly. Your gc and wii games can be on the same fat32 partition
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    Your NAS has only one drive? it's not using RAID ?
    If you have multiple HDD inside your NAS, I guess it's best to not use it with consoles.

    Another concern :
    Nintendont use IOS58, which works with HUB and USB splitter.
    But USBLoaders (for Wii backups) are not compatible with it.
    I think I've read someone saying IOS base 57 worked, but I can't confirm it as I don't have any HUB.

    You should dedicate a HDD for your Wii, it's much simpler.