Possibility of Fire Emblem Dating Sim game

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  1. Why didn't someone come up with this sooner!?

  2. Yeah, possible, but no way nintendo would, too family friendly with the censorship.

  3. No, but not a bad idea if there was more potential by nintendo.

  4. Not interested, then again, is just a idea with solid potential.

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  1. Uwabami

    Uwabami GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Feb 4, 2014
    As I said, I don't care for dating sims, I think they're creepy because the portray women and men in a very unrealistic, creepy manner - they're basicly trophies, not human beings. But that could be my age, maybe its just a fantasy for teens that I hope they don't take to serious.

    But then I think Awakening didn't overdo it. Sure, the "everybody can hook-up with everybody" system is strange, but a necessary evil for the children-mechanic.

    I do think they overdid it with Fates. The whole face touching thing is just weird. I do get caressing your spouse, but in a game? With a stylus? Way creepy. In the japanese version you can touch everyone. Imagine that. Fondeling everyone you have over as a house guest.
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