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    Mar 26, 2017
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    For reference how Legendary Pokemon battles are handled compared to normal pokemon encounters

    This is the part that stood out to me

    My question, using an app like pkNX, would we be able to trick the game into treating all wild pokemon encounters in a similar manner to enable Wild Battle functionality?

    Based on randomizer videos, it seems that the game treats wild legendary pokemon the same as normal pokemon (Straight to capture screen), which might mean there is no actual hard coupling between Legendary Pokemon & Wild Battles; Now granted, these were not legitimate Pokemon, so it's quite possible the game did not recognize them as being the Legendary Birds/Mewtwo in which case all of this conjecture get's flipped on it's head...

    Is this something anyone else is curious about or otherwise think it would be worthwhile to have for future playthroughs? As much as I loved the 1st gen, I am quite reluctant to play these games due to these changes & to a lesser extent, if the capture mechanics are anything as wonky as launch Pokemon Go, then I am not definitely touching this...

    Thank you for reading, I am looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.
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