porting smash run from 3ds to wii U? (smash bros)

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    from day 1 i loved smash run from 3ds version of smash bros 4. Then when i got the wii u version i see that it has been replace by another game mode that sucks, me and my friends love and play smash run and hate smash tour. i was wondering if it was remotely possible to port the smash run over to the wii U?
    now hear me out. From what i know the file system for smash bros wii U and 3ds are similar and thats why some content is possible to transfer back and forth. now looking at the obvious, the texture size and model files are bigger on the wii u then the 3ds and that could perhaps be sized up later. but it could d first be does as a stage edit we may have a way to do this. ~More observations to come

    anyone batshit insane to start this with me?
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    In that bara manga ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    That will require us to obtain the source code of the game, which is currently impossible...

    In other words, it's never gonna happen.
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    Unless we bribe Sakurai