Portal Clones for Commodore 64 and Atari 2600

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    Portal Clones for Commodore 64 and Atari 2600
    Watch out t4ils somebody might want their bounty [​IMG]
    Get me Valve on the phone. Tell Lombardi that the Portal prequel dev team can go home - their services are no longer required.

    And yes, that Portal fan mod can sling its hook too. The Commodore 64 remake 'Shotgate' has rendered both games utterly pointless.

    Yes, it's a Portal clone for the C64. No, it's not in 3D and - yes - it does look quite like that Flash tribute from last year.

    This little fella was made in just 4K of C64 assembler for the Mini Games Comp 2008. If you like the look of it, the programmer is actually selling it in C64 cartridge form in a limited edition run of 20. Buy now to avoid/ensure disappointment.

    Source: http://kotaku.com/5052611/shotgate-portal-...es-commodore-64

    If the Flash version of Portal was just a tad too hi-fi for your discriminating needs, perhaps the Atari 2600 "demake" of the title will do. From The Independent Gaming Source's Demakes contest, in which developers were tasked with remaking current titles on old platforms — Shadow of the Colossus for the TRS-80 Model III, for example — comes Super 3D Portals 6.

    The 8-bit re-imagining is playable on the Atari VCS emulator of your choice, but the author recommends Stella. It's also free. We're firing up our copy of Stella on the Kotaku Towers West PC to partake right now.

    Source: http://kotaku.com/5048537/portal-ported-to-the-atari-2600

    This is just awesome, I havent tried it on DS emulation but I think it'll work.

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    Never had a commodore but afraid I can't see this running too fast,
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    Has the Tempbot posted anything recently that hasn't already been posted in this same forum?