Pokermon Black and White First Impressions

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    Well it's been a while. I've been dying to get this first impression of the game. This Pokermon game came out on September 18, 2010. It is literally the most anticipated game ever, getting over 1.5 million PRE-ORDERS. That figure is immense and is certainly worth it.

    First Impressions

    I personally LOVE this game. The soundtrack sounds beyond amazing. The new number for Pokermon is now 649. 156 new Pokermon were added to the highly anticipated fifth generation of games. The graphics were improved a lot, and many new features arrived, such as those of triple battles and those of seasons in-game. It's definitely a plus for the Pokermon Company.

    The new triple battle system brings a whole new level of strategy to the Pokermon metagame. Seasons bring changes of climate and Pokermon to the overworld. The amount of detail included within the game is immense, from the moving backgrounds and sprites to the small little details on the overworld. The difficulty was seriously revamped and the story fresh. It's not so cut and dry anymore, like Generation IV.


    The general story has been changed a bit. The short version of the story: A mid-teen boy goes out on a journey with his friends, gets caught up in an evil organization's plan to dominate the world, collects badges, and becomes Elite Four Champion. The longer edition: You're a young teenager who starts a journey with your two best friends, Belle and Cheren. You both are given Pokermons by the region professor, Araragi. You battle, and start the journey. You get badges, and are met by Team Plasma. You continue to travel, and foil the plan to control the world, and you become a Champion.


    Most features were covered in the First Impressions part and will be given much more depth in the actual game review. I still need to get a few more things, and I'll write it up.

    Battle System
    Seasonal Differences
    New Pokemon
    The Isshu Region


    Now, I know you guys are all dying to know WHY I did pictures of Dittos and Pikachus, and why I said Pokermon instead of its real name. I assure you guys there is a good reason behind it. Recently, if you've been following coverage sites like PokerBeach and Serebii, you'd realize that they had been hit by Nintendo lawyers asking to remove images from their sites or they face serious problems. It makes it a huge problem to cover a game without pictures, and quite frankly, I think they're out of their minds. It's a way to advertise their game and they say it violates their rights. In return, I'm not adding any images or videos unless I see the go-aheads from other sites. I'm protesting this shameful excuse of a right and I'm not doing squat.

    I hope you guys will like this game, and stay tuned for my review! Go get it, it really is worth it!
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    game was kickass.
    Nintendo did a real nice job especially
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    really, they outdone themselves.

    but the only thing that bothered me was the controls for the character. I don't know if it's me, but i found it harder to move my character around.
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    I agree all the way man. This game was a huge step up from what I was used to. I never die to the first gym leader as I died in this game. [​IMG] It's quite funny how this game worked. I got stuck so many times, and it turns out all I needed to do was find Plasma lol.

    @OFF TOPIC: Do you guys have an EV code on the Cheat forum? I can't see it for some reason. [​IMG] I just need to get certain natures and certain EVs. I dunno if I want EVs, maybe natures. Maybe even both! [​IMG]
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    Here I thought HGSS were the best Nintendo could bring..... Then I saw Black and White!!
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    You can just do a quick summary like:

    The good:

    - Nice graphics for a DS game
    - A lot of places to visit
    - Not having the old pokemon, great if you're tired of seeing them
    - More animations
    - Pretty long but...

    The bad:

    - could be longer
    - Unbalanced battles. All the gyms are WAY to easy and some random trainers have really strong pokemon, that's contradictory.
    - Animations look repetitive and boring after some time
    - Most of the new pokemon are just UGLY
    - The game is too easy, as usual, because it's made that way so small kids can beat it
    - No berries on Isshu, so you have to go Dream World you like it or not
    - Story is boring as usual