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  1. NoNAND

    OP NoNAND Give me back my legions!

    Aug 22, 2015
    Good evening there :). I'm really angry with my game because I've lost my save with 568 Pokémon , many of them shinies. I don't remember exactly what i did but one day i decided to play my game i got an error. The save data has been corrupted refer to the electronic manual blah blah..
    Mabe this happened because i was using pokegen but i never was online with it. And one day i wanted to update it from the home screen but the update failed many times because of low internet speed.
    What I'm looking for is a complete game save. Doesn't matter if it has good Pokémon or not.
    I'd like this to be compatible with SaveDataFiler. If this is not against any rule can someone give me a Pokémon x save please. Thank you. :)

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Thread Status:
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