Pokemon won't save on EZFlash IV

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    I have an EZFlash IV and I have some roms on it.
    All roms are patched with GBATA (SRAM patched) and I used the EZClient to send both patched roms and save files to my SD card.

    All my roms are working and saving great except pokemon Ruby / Sapphire and Emerald.

    I saved in game and when I restarted the game, I have a message: Save file has been deleted.

    I don't understand why, all my roms are SRAM patched...

    I have no problem with my EZFlash battery, I can save on every other games.

    What can I do?

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    Sometimes with pre-existing saves, the EZ Flash does NOT recognize them(I assume you used your saves from an emulator?). I use my EZ Flash IV for hacked saves(i.e. 99 Master Balls, all healing items, max money, etc.) The reason the EZ Flash IV is NOT recognizing the save is that an emulator emulates the save type whereas the EZ Flash does NOT. The EZ Flash ONLY recognizes save data from said SRAM patched roms. My advice to you would be to play the SRAM PATCHED ROM on your emulator and use the save from that(make SURE that the save type in the emulator is SET TO SRAM!). Remember, when you put the save file on the card, it MUST be the same name as the ROM, but since you've tried already, I'll assume you know that part.