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    Nov 10, 2016
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    This is gonna be a long post...

    Sooo.. Im pretty angry. Me and my wife got back into pokemon sword and shield for the expansions. We decided to start over since it had been so long since we picked it up. And wouldn't you know it, all our mystery boxes are gone. The preorder bonus codes can't be reused and its gone. This is absolute insanity. You use a code it should be tied to your account. Its not hard stuff were talking about.

    This has thrust me into the position on wanting to look into the mystery gifts on the game.

    Im a software developer by day and have some experience in network management. So I'm requesting information here. My end goal is to create a mystery gift emulation service. It might be impossible. But I doubt it is.

    So here's my speculation
    If the codes aren't tied to your account and are simply one-shots itd seem likely that they are only triggering events within game and are not doing much in the way of verification.(besides the initial, is this code correct and which event to trigger verification)

    Also the program im envisioning would likely be easily patchable on nintendos part. Since it targets OFW users and all they'd need to do is save a list of codes your account has used and if you have an item but not the corresponding code, then somethings up.
    But thats okay. Because what I want IS for them to keep that list. And simply use it to keep track of our mystery gifts and such.

    What im needing is some more information. If you have any information on any of this. Feel free to drop it. My current thoughts are we need to sniff the network traffic upon receiving a mystery gift and go from there. We just need to emulate the call it makes when a mystery gift is approved I believe.

    Again though it might be all impossible. The call it makes could very well be hashed password keys or something making it hard to do.
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    Nov 14, 2019
    hi great project, you should contact the people of project pokemon who are already working on mystery gifts via pkhex for the moment without any real practical solution you can find them on their website and or the discord. I can't wait to follow your project.
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