ROM Hack Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Item Hack?

Whats ur favorite PMD game

  • Pokemon Red Rescue Team

  • Pokemon Blue Rescue Team

  • Pokemon Explorers or Time/Darkness

  • Pokemon Explorers of Sky

  • Pokemon Gates to Infinity

  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

  • I don't like PMD, weirdo

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Jul 30, 2016
United States

I'm looking for a Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon plugin or gateshark text file that allows you to modify items.

I already know about this cheat text file fileL Super Mystery Dungeon_USA.txt

It claims it has an Item Hack, but I don't know how to use it. The site linked (fort22) leads to nowhere (I assume the site is down) so it's a dead end here.

I've looked over here for a few days now, and I couldn't find anything that does what I want. I have CFW and Luma, o3ds.

Green Mii

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Apr 12, 2015
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The item hack code in there modifies the item in slot 1 of storage. I'm not sure if slot 1 changes depending on how you sort it, however. The first line of the code modifies how many of the item, while the second modifies the item ID.

Here are some of the IDs I had written down:
Power Boost X- 150
Better Odds- 157
Satiated- 181
Galeforce- 18C
Ally Reviver- 18E
Second Chance- 191
All-Knowing- 194?
Awakening- 197
Follow Through- 156
Excessive Force- 15A
Djin's Bottle- 13C
Portable Stairs- 366
Looplet- 0B
Golden Apple- 6D
Golden Banana- 7F
Golden Seed- 82
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