Pokemon Sun question regarding save editing/pkhex/phbank support

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by MemBat, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. MemBat

    MemBat Member

    May 24, 2012
    Hi all, I'll try to keep this short and sweet and explain as much as possible about the current confusion/issues I have as of now with regards to my 3DS setup and save exporting/pkhex/phbank support as I am far from an expert. I've scoured a lot of the forums and posts trying to put together exactly what I need to do, or not do, or update, or "use instead of" to get everything working how i've been using it with ORAS games, so onto the details.

    I have my 3ds setup on 9.2.0-20U "default" firmware (as in, I press the power button as normal, this is what it boots too) so that's my main firmware I guess.

    I have homebrew 1.1.1 setup up with the "press down on d-pad during boot" method, this is how I access my homebrew menu (i can not remember what method this is, browserhax/menuhax i am not sure)

    To play things like Star Sapphire and other such rom edits, I use the cart physical cart method etc, clicking the icon on the homebrew menu etc, this how i've played star sapphire up till now. However ofc i can still boot to 9.2.0 and play "regular vanilla" Alpha Sapphire as it's still supported (sun is not ofc)

    I also have LUMA installed, which is what my "custom firmware" or CFW I use which is currently "Emu 11.2.0-35E" which I believe is the latest version, this is what currently, I am playing Pokemon Sun on.

    Ok so provided that all makes sense, my issues are rather simple. I had, so far, been using JKSM save extractor via homebrew to edit my saves with PKHEX on the PC with Alpha Sapphire, however, this no longer seems to work (yellow screen when "targeting" moon). Pokebank, which i also have installed on the homebrew menu, also targeting Sun, same issue with Yellow Screen, niether work, niether does the installed SVDT or w/e it's called, same Yellow Screen issue.

    I've tried to look through the forums both here and elsewhere but i'm completely confused on what I need to do to edit my save, export like I did with AS, so i can use it with Pkhex on my pc, re-import it on my SD card and play it via my Luma CFW with the changes, although i will admit i've always done it via the homebrew method with AS as i play the star sapphire custom rom...

    Can anyone explain to me as simply as possible, is there currently anyway my save can be exported, edited, imported, with "legal" pokemon changes and has phbank been updated to allow me to transfer my 'mons from AS into a box I can transfer into my SUN box, again, without issues?

    Apologies for long post and thank you in advance, I appreciate tremendously the work that goes into these tools :).
  2. Zidapi

    Zidapi GBAtemp Psycho!

    Dec 1, 2002
    Try. Harder.

    Let me show you how it's done: Install the JKSM .cia to your homescreen or install it directly from titledb using FBI.

    See? Easy.
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  3. MemBat

    MemBat Member

    May 24, 2012
    Sorry...I realised half the way through that I needed to explain my setup in full to how I understand it's function, without acronyms or short hand, otherwise i'd probably get confused in the respones, as I said at the top, i'm hardly an expert with any of this I am still quite frankly amazed it all still works!

    I have FBI on my homebrew menu, using that method just dumps an error 0xD8E0806A with "cert signature or hash check failed (106)". As for the first method, I have no idea how to install a CIA to my homescreen, nor which homescreen I should install it to, the 9.2 or the Emu 11.0?

    Starting to think I should find another, easier way but so far nothing works, perhaps it's just too early right now.
  4. Sollux

    Sollux Advanced Member

    Feb 24, 2015

    doesnt have full pokemon editing yet but it supports every pokemon game so far.

    yellow screen issue is bcs from what i can tell youre not booting homebrew in your cfw?

    install the homebrew launcher cia into your cfw or the fbi cia?

    but yeah try launching the homebrew menu inside cfw, if youre using menuhax[yes button combination is menuhax] then you most likely arent...

    if you have a physical cartridge of oras it should be easy.
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  5. MemBat

    MemBat Member

    May 24, 2012
    Thanks, I am already in the process of following a more up to date guide from Plailect, to get me fully set up with CFW, CIAs installs, FBI, and all the good/proper stuff so I can be up to date and ready for sumo related things :). Happy for thread to be closed.
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