Pokemon sun and moon/ultra sun and moon freezing on O3DS?

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    Sun and moon and ultra sun and moon sometimes freeze my 3DS, this might be related to another issue I am having currently with my flashcard but i'm pretty sure iv'e had this problem in the past with my 3DS freezing when playing pokemon sun and moon, and it's been happening a lot more frequently on ultra moon now. From what I heard it's to do with the 3DS's outdated ram or outdated processor or something? I was wondering if anyone has played these games on an Original 3DS or original 3DSXL and has had similar freezing issues?
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    Jul 4, 2018
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    I've had my fair share of troubles regarding Pokemon US/UM in the past when I used to own an O3DS XL.
    Crashes,generic errors,freezes where a common occurrence that ruined my gamplay experience and eventually made me give up on it.
    My guess would be that this happens due to the old 3ds's insufficient available free RAM space, having said that however there could be a myraid of other reasons that leads to such an off putting experience.
    (someone who's well acquainted with this feel free to step in and give further explanation, enlighten us)
    Once I got myself a new 3DS XL, everything seems to work like a charm now. No more gamebreaks, crashes and whatnot else.
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