Pokemon SoulSilver German Walhtorugh Narrated

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    you took the videos from youtube.. firstly.. is the walkthrough made by you?.. did you get the uploader permission?. if you dont,remove them.. lastly.. this isnt a "walkthrough".... you have to type them out not just link a video here" if you want it to be in video, make the title Video Walkthrough not just "walkthrough".. and finally a German walkthrough?? im not being racist here.. .. uploading a German language Walkthrough here in a English forum?.. ..if you wanna make a walkthrough, post it in english.. english is a multi-racial language.. almost everyone in this forum can read english .. so dont come here and post German walkthrough....

    remove the video if it's not yours.. if you wanna make a video walkthrough, change the title name. make it english no different language aloud.. and i can tell you that you did not even read the rules.. you read it urself or you want me to paste it here BIG and RED for you to READ