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    Jan 6, 2016
    No, I already changed the battery for a new one and still doesn't work. Saving works perfectly, but time doesn't run. It keeps in the same time. (Tuesday 18:32)
    I already investigated something about it, I just found two things: Broken oscillator from cartridge or broken cartridge. The cartridge isn't damaged in anyway, and I the oscillator is fine, I already tried to resolder it, and still doesn't work. The same thing happend to my gold cartridge, wasn't working but i'm not sure what I did, I just cleaned the oscillator and it got working. Weird. I did that on my Silver cartridge, and I had no luck. Still froze. Lucky I have an oscillator, but I want to make sure if the oscillator from the cartridge is damaged somehow and how can I fix it before soldering the new one. (Also I bought them used of course, I just changed the batteries of both) I don't know if soldering the oscillator from the cheap clock I have would work, yeah it has the same form like the gameboy cartridge.
    Changing battery doesn't work, tried with three new batteries and didn't work. Even if I have my gameboy on, the clock is still freeze, never changes.
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