Pokemon Silver Blue with Updated(Predated) Pokemon Locations

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  1. Sonnymaru

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    Jul 29, 2016
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    Hello Old Pokemon fans! This is a simple edit of Pokemon Silver Blue that changes all the wild Pokemon Spawns back to their Fire Red/Leaf Green locations.

    First of All, I barely did anything. I changed the spawn locations to make Silver Blue's Spawn location reflect the original locations. It took me a few hours. This is who deserves credit for the actual hack.

    What does this mean?? What is it?
    What it means is that it's just that much closer to feeling like a remake, but it's not.

    What it isn't.
    It's NOT a working Fire Red/Leaf Green edit. It has all the scripted events, locations, and missing content that Soul Silver and Heart Gold had.

    Can I get all 150 Pokemon??
    NO. I did go through and make sure you could get most of them.


    I wanted to stick to the original spawn locations. HOWEVER, and this is important... I did add spawn locations where the old game differs from the new. This means that Pokemon exclusive to an NPC trade like Jynx/Farfetch'd/Mr.Mime/Lickitung etc.. If the trade NPC is not there, no pokemon.

    What about Safari Zone/Pokemon Mansion/Power Plant?
    The Pokemon are in the game, where they're expected to be if we assume that pokemon perhaps "got loose" for said location and populated the surrounding area. In an attempt to keep it somewhat lore friendly while still being able to get your favorites, as this would've been a huge chunk out of the pokedex. For Ex: Safari Zone Pokemon can be found on Routes 15/18. Lavender's PokeTower Ghost Pokemon can be found in the area surrounding Lavender at Night. The only real difference is PokeMansion's Fire Pokemon of Cinnabar Island... They are now on Route 21's patch of grass behind Pallet Town. It's the closest thing to Cinnabar and it's available during the exact same "time", progression wise.

    What about...
    They're there. Electebuzz? He's in the game. "I can't find a Scyther." He's there. If the Pokemon is NOT exclusive to an event that involves an NPC (e.g. Lapras) they are in the game somewhere and it might just take a little common sense to find them. One last thing, A few Pokemon locations from the original Red and Blue are in the game to make up for the missing events. I won't say where, but if you're having trouble finding a couple, check the Gen 1 PokeDex Location. There really is only maybe 2 or 3.

    Future Plans!
    Surfing Pokemon encounters and Fishing Encounters. They're left at their Soul Silver state, because they're just not different enough for me to care that much. Generally everything in this category can still be found where it should be. But I will eventually do it for the sake of congruence.

    Trainer Battles? Original Trainer Battles. This one doesn't bother me too much. Pokemon Silver Blue already balanced the levels.

    Depending on how many people care, I could be persuaded to continue this. I do already plan to make NPCs or Battle Events to somehow get the unavailable Pokemon (Lapras, Jynx, Mr.Mime, etc..) Maybe battling a high level trainer who has the Pokemon to earn it. Like a Gym leader, but instead of earning a TM, you earn his exclusive Pokemon? Thoughts?

    I will never make a full version of this to fully and completely remake the game. I just don't have the time, and the project would be abandoned. However if you have ideas that wouldn't take years to do, I'd love to hear them. Simple ideas to make it more like the original, or add small features would be easy. Let me know what's most desired, or what you miss most about the old games that could be remedied.

    Installation.. how do I play your amazing creation?
    Awh, Stop it you c:

    Step 1. Go here (https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokémon-silver-blue.366657/) and thank him for his incredible work.
    Step 2. Go here. or here Download the file, unpack them, and do the same thing you would for Pokemon Silver Blue. Which is:
    Step 3.

    Load the .nds. File(Game will start, not done yet though) > Go to File, Import Backup Memory > Find the .SAV

    Now just press "continue" on the home screen, load that save, and play like normal. Keep in mind you only need to Import Back Memory the first time.

    This is almost DEFINITELY not perfect. There are too many locations in the game, too many Pokemon, and I'm just one person. I almost certainly missed something. I don't think I did, But I think I did. You won't be running into a Rayquaza on Route 3, but you might see a HootHoot in Veridian Forest. Those bastards were everywhere.
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    Sep 18, 2009
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    Hey can you please update the thinks, they are not longer working :C
  3. Sonnymaru

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    Jul 29, 2016
    United States
    Little late, but I've come back after a while of missing the old generation games and fixed some stuff up to make this patch run smoothly. Links are working again.

    Edit: Unfortunately cannot post links due to "Newbie" spam filter. PM me if you want a DL link until I can find a way to make them accessible. Or on Discord(Corbin#3172)
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