Pokemon save with all pokemon, suited for Pokemon Battle Rev.?

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  1. Trulen

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    Hi. Me and a friend were playing Pokemon Stadium on N64 (and I was reminded how terribly made the sticks were for the controller >( ) and I said there was a new one for wii.

    I got it.

    Then, we go to play.
    Rental pass? Must be sort of like a "create-your-own-team" deal but it's a saved set. Cool.

    Then we can't choose from rental pokemon to put on the rental passes?! LAME.

    We'd have to upload a library of pokemon into .sav, because my friend isn't hip on the new pokemon. He stopped at Red/Blue He'd just stick to the basics, though there's a wealth out there.

    Is there a .sav out there that has ALL the pokemon, with decent moves attached to them? So I can simply import them all?
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    you could just pokesav some pokemon, but they need to have legit stats to work,i doubt there is a all pkmn save out there iv looked for a gold save a while back without luck.