Hardware Pokemon Sapphire internal Battery run dry Error After new battery had been replaced


Oct 26, 2017
United States
Hello y'all, I'm having trouble with my Pokemon Sapphire Genuine cartridge lately. For instance, I desoldered the old CR1616 battery with tabs on them and I replaced it with a CR1616 Battery holder that I don't have to keep replacing the battery with soldering anymore. I've used the empty CR1616 battery holder and I used the CR1616 battery and I checked it with my multimeter and it shows V3.2 meaning it's working after doing the soldering. After checking with my multimeter's voltage of CR1616 battery I checked my Pokemon Sapphire on my Gameboy advance SP and Gameboy Advance original, I still received the Internal battery message error. Is there anything I'm doing it work?

Here's the method that I've done.

1. I've done it with Pkmn-chest with my DS Lite and fix the RTC, but still gives me error after saving it through my DS.
2. Deleted the save file and resolder the CR1616 battery again.
3. Pokemon Leafgreen Link cable to Pokemon Sapphire berry glitch update fixes. (Haven't done the Gamecube version when receiving Jiraichi from Bonus disc)
4. Tried it with Retron 5 console to test the RTC on Pokemon Sapphire and I didn't get an error on it, but after testing it, I checked my GBA/GBA SP still received Error message.

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