ROM Hack Pokémon S/U Cartridge Dump-Randomized-Played w/ Citra?

The Gonz

Sep 22, 2016
United States
Hey everyone.

I am trying to dump my Pokémon Moon game to the PC and randomize it and then play it with Citra. I don't even know if it's technically possible but I figured I would ask.

Here's what I have done so far.

- I used Decrypt9 to dump the game to a 3ds file.
- Copying this file to my PC and opening with Citra works and is playable as best as the emulator will allow. Which is very good by the way.
- I then tried a few different ways to decompress the files to get the RomFs and ExeFs. I used hackingtools one time and 3dsToCia one time.
- I then randomized the game files.
-I then went back to each program respectively and rebuilt the files back to a .3DS format. I used the R function in the case of hackingtools.

When I went to play it on Citra the program failed in various ways.

-Using hackingtools to rebuild the 3DS file, Citra would open the file but not run it and spit out an error imeediately.
-If I used the randomizer to 'Rebuild RomFS' then took that bin file and used 3DSB in hackingtools, Citra would not even open it. It would say error opening file Unknown Environment or some such.
-Using 3dsToCia I recall gave me a game file of 4GB where previously it was 3GB and Citra wouldn't open it.

OK. Long story slightly less long, Is what I am trying to do even possible?
I have done 8 hours of research over the last two days and can't tell if I am any closer to succeeding.
I have a N3DS with A9LH and LUMA.

Thank you in advance for any insight into my little dilema.
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