Pokemon RSE - Hall of Fame corrupted after trim/convert save from 128kb to 64kb.

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    Dec 24, 2013
    I have a save back up of pokemon emerald using VBA
    file size is 128kb
    The game save is already PAST elite 4
    and i already have several Hall of Fame records on pokemon Center PC (90 records of hall of fame)

    i tried to convert it to 64kb so that it will be compatible to custom GBC VC

    -i tried the "VBA save trimmer"
    -i also tried to manually trim the half of the save data.
    -i also tried changing vba settings in save type to 128--->64 in the "MIDDLE OF THE GAME" (not before loading the rom) then save the game

    all of it produces 64kb file...
    saving works well after i trim the save, even after challenging elite4 again...

    but theres a problem...
    playing the game again either on "vba emulator" or save inject to vc...
    produces a "Hall of Fame data corrupted" on Pokemon Center PC...

    like ive said i beat the elite4 90x, after i trim the save ---> produces hall of fame corrupt on pokemon center pc
    then after i beating the elite 4 again with the trimmed save, old hall of fame doesnt show only the 91st hall of fame...

    is there a way to retain old hall of fame data after trimming the save file?
    thanks and have a nice day
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    Nope, HoF data was cut in half (corrupted), with the latter half being deleted.

    The 128KB save is made up of [Main Save | HoF Data | Backup Save]
    By trimming to 64KB you end up with [Main Save | HoF D] -- a corrupt HoF section and no backup.
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    Dec 24, 2013
    whoa!!! A known dev replied to me :-) thanks!!!

    i always see you at the project pokemon site and i see your researches there and programs releted to pokemon games :-)
    i hope project pokemon will be up soon...

    anyway, thanks for the info about the basic of the save structure of RSE...
    if theres no way to retain HoF data... is there a way to start the Hall of Fame count at 1?
    what i mean is totally erase all the HoF data and start the counting to record #1 aand not 91?

    i still have lots of question specially on FRLG but i want to focus on one game first before another...
    hope you can help me some time on that games...
    thanks and have a nice day...