Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow Virtual Console "Save data is corrupted and will initialized" message

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    Okay so awhile back, I had to use a second microSD card because of the stupid 300 game/app limit. I put my VC and 3D Classic games on one card, and my eShop, retail games, and apps data on the other. Whenever I go to launch Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow it says "Save data is corrupted and will be initialized", if I say yes, I lose my save data and it says "New Game" and there's no "Continue". How do I fix this. I caught like 40 Pokemon and now they're gone, ugh! How do I fix this issue? Funny thing I didn't delete Pokemon R/B/Y on the second microSD card but I formatted the data in-game by using select, b, and down I think and it didn't say anything about save data being corrupted. Can deleting and then re-downloading the games fix this? I think it was pretty stupid for Nintendo/Game Freak to not allow you to back up your save data! Now all of my fucking Pokemon are gone! What the hell, Nintendo? I can understand no restore points or suspend features but this is BS!
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