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    So, I've got this problem that can only be solved by someone who has legitimately downloaded the Manaphy event. I've been trying to create a fresh Pokemon Ranger 2 game with all of the events unlocked. I know about mission injector and I also know about gamefaqs. Unlocking them isn't the problem.

    Let me give a bit of background first. Pokemon Ranger has an 8 digit long unique identifier associated with a cartridge (Ranger Net) that cannot be changed unless you manually clear the ram on the cart. In the original game, you could easily tell what it was by opening up your styler and it'd be there on the top screen for you to view. It's similar to trainer ids in pokemon. This would appear to both users as well as an "application no." or "registration no." when you opened up your wi-fi to transfer your manaphy egg.
    In Ranger 2, this number is hidden in-game, but will still show up when you attempt a Manaphy transfer. I've tried several saves AND the mission injector and whenever I transfer Manaphy over the application number (or registration no.) "always" appears to be the same.

    The problem here is that I'm OCD and I have a problem with using this shared identifier. To me, it's like playing someone else's saved game. I don't know if the mission injector is injecting this identifier and or all saves on the internet originated from the same save file or if it's just that they literally hard coded this identifer into Ranger 2.

    I'm unable to check this legitimately since the manaphy event is down (and has been for a while). I need your help. If you own a copy of Ranger 2 where you have personally created the first game and downloaded the original events from wi-fi, I need to know if your Application No. (or Registration No.) appears as 3087-9867 when you are transfering Manaphy over. This screen will show up after you link the games, but well before the egg is transferred (and your game saves).

    Thank you for your time!
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    Why should it matter?