Pokemon Platinum wont work for me anymore:( R4DS

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    Dec 6, 2009
    hi guys, i really need some help here!
    so this is basically what happened....
    i used to have an awsome ds and games and stuff but one day i decided to try YSmenu.
    i followed the guide and everything but it wouldnt work:(
    i gave up after hours of trying to get it to work. i looked for my old firmware but i relised to late that i had deleted it [​IMG]
    i found new firmware that is compatible with my R4 (SDHC Revolution) i got firmware from this website http://www.r4sdhc.com/download-en.htm
    all my games worked and i was happy. i wanted to get some cheats for my games though (i deleted - by accident - my old urscheat file) so i did all the stuff with cheat code editor and got the cheats on my ds. i try/ed to play pokemon platinum but it just goes to white screen [​IMG]
    so i disable the cheats and it sttill wont work. i have redone (ie) reput firmware on, put game on again and redo cheats but it still wont work when the urscheat file is on my ds.
    im very sad cause i really want to play pokemon (again) with cheats

    can anyone give me an explanation as to why this happens?
    looking forward to peoples theories.
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    Just a guess, but maybe the cheat file is too big. This is a known problem on R4s that are not using YSMenu. There used to be a special USRCHEAT.DAT file at http://cheats.gbatemp.net/ that had a lot of the less popular games stripped out, but they stopped maintaining it due to the extra work and the fact that YSMenu fixes the problem.

    Get a cheat editor (I use r4cce) and either delete a lot of games from the GBAtemp cheat file, or create your own cheat file and only put in the games you want to use cheats on.

    Again, this is just a guess. I got rid of my R4 about 2 years ago so I don't know that much about its current problems.
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    white freeze? try format your sd card and reinstall the firmware?

    ysmenu? if you do google hard enough you would find ysmenu [​IMG]

    i agree with you, it could be the size of the cheat database that limits pokemon platinum being display... [​IMG]
    but not sure about the white freeze