Pokemon Platinum Iv help.

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    I understand the basic concept on IV's: IV's are stats that pokemon get when they are either catched or hatched. ONe question, is there an IV for every single stat? (Iv's value from 0-31 i think). for example, can the attack stat have an iv of 26 while the defense stat has an iv of 31?

    Another question. FOr those of you who has sucessfully worked the action replay code which allows you to check iv's on pokemon, what exacly am I looking for when i look at the stat screen after i did the button holding and summary scrolling? When i read the instructions the last instruction was to "enjoy", not directions explaining what you are looking for.

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    And I just realized that I posed in the Gba section. Sorry about that. Help me anyways?
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    There are IV for each stat, including HP stat. The characteristic of a Pokémon can help tell what the highest IV is.

    For the IV check code, I believe you hold Start and Select and before you open your Pokémon's summary page. When you check the stats, they will be replaced with the exact IV values. To put the stats back to normal, just deposit it into a box.

    You should probably save either before IV check or before putting into box. I know the code can break some stuff in the game.
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