Pokemon Platinum Heartgold/SoulSilver trainer backsprite editing?

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    I asked on the Project Pokemon IRC and was given some instructions for Tinke, but they dont work completely or I didnt get it fully. Now after searching through these forums I found another topic just like this but no clear answer was given. The creator of tinke said we could import and export bitmaps for the 6_000.rgcn file but I don't know how that could help.

    so does anyone have some clear advice or instructions on how to edit 4th gen backsprites for a dumbo like me?

    For the record I have a custom sprite sheet I want to use with 5 frames so replacing lucas with lance or Marley is not what I want to do. I need to edit the files not just rename and rearrange.

    Thank you so much.

    edit: Also I would need to do the same thing with the mugshot vs. sprites. If anyone is willing to do it for me and I can just leech your 6_000 to 6_004 files I'd pay a little ;-;
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    i will see if i can make a program to automate the rgcn conversion from scrambled to ordered, back to scrambled.​

    edit here you go https://www.mediafire.com/?tphcolo64151gtc

    export from tinke at 64x800, unscrample with program, edit, rescramble with program and import with tinke with the replace palette option enabled.
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