Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire mega stones location list

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    Here's the list so far:
    Megastone:              Location:
    Alakazite               Just below the south western most shop in the slateport market.
    Mawilite                Vertandurf town, can only be accessed via a flower-bed on the south western end of route 117
    Manectite               On the cycling road on the north side there is a path that leads to the right and a trainer standing next to a patch of grass, the mega stone is here.
    Heracronite             In the center of Route 127 there is a small U shaped area that is not water, there are 3 secret base locations here all on the north side, to the southwest there is a corner where two rock faces meet it is here you will find the megastone.
    Mewtwonite X            In the south-west corner of littleroot town.
    more coming as i find them.