Pokemon not saving (Am I missing something here?)

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by steckel, May 13, 2007.

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    May 8, 2007
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    Okay everyone, am I missing something big here? I have an r4 and i've tried slapping different pokemon pearl/diamond roms on both my sandisk and my kingston micro sd cards and havn't had any luck when I go to save. Each time I finish the introduction which asks me my name and such I go to save and get "Please wait, saving..." for over 10 minutes! It stays here forever. I have to be missing something major because I'm under the impression its working for the rest of you =(

    Edit: Dear lord please help me! Heh, I've just been so aggravated with trying to get this to work for the past week with no luck. Here is a bit more information:

    I've tried multiple pokemon diamond/pearl roms on both a sandisk and kingston 1gb micro sd card formated both FAT and FAT 32 on my R4. I can load up each game and tell the pokemon proffesor my name and that i am a boy. Once I am in the game and I go to the save menu it locks up. "Saving a lot of data... Don't turn off the power." will be on the screen along with the music playing in the background for well over 10minutes until i get stressed enough to try and find a "better" rom. Did all of you just load of your roms and it worked perfectly or am I missing a valuable step?
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    You must be getting bargain bin dumps. Make sure you do not use the emulator patched roms. I have on good word that there is a packaged set floating around of both pearl and diamond that runs about 52-54mb.
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    Nope it should just be a simple drag and drop. It looks like it's having trouble saving. Try a new clean rom, or delete the sav file the R4 made and make a new one (or download one)
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    i've already answered this question for you in your previous thread [​IMG] why did you start another by the way someone will get round to answering you sooner or later