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    so boredom is sweeping me and i recently decided to play it again in case you couldn't figure out a pokemon mystery dungeon game to be exact blue rescue team. so im just currious what was the first pokemon it said you were? and how many attempts did it take for you to be the pokemon you wanted to be if you did that?

    my first play through it said i was a charmander and my partner was pikachu. this was red rescue team. then when i played blue rescue team i attempted 10 time to be pikachu and my partner was charmander.
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    It was a while ago, but Pikachu was my partner and I was...I think I was...nope. Can't remember.
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    I was Pikachu on my first attempt, both on the quiz on the website and in the game. I took Riolu as my partner [​IMG]. Though I did give the game up after I had to restart some long, foresty dungeon due to making some careless mistake like not watching my health after plowing through all those floors and being a bit bored. (but I do love to play ADOM, I just don't exactly like the other type of mystery dungeon games where you don't die but instead all reset backs to 0.)
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    My first pokemon in Red and Blue were both Charmander. First try each time.
    Later games the same thing [​IMG] until recently when I bought Explorers of the Sky and I was a Riolu and that took me like 5 tries to get
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    I was Pikachu on my first try, didn't bother to change, so I sticked with it. I chose Mudkip as my partner because I liek mudkipz.... actually I just wanted a water type that could counter ground type (Pikachu's weakness).

    EDIT: this was on the DS games and not the GBA ones.
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    my first on blue rescue team was machop and my partner was chikorita....

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    my first on blue rescue team was machop and my partner was chikorita....