Homebrew Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wiiware - Emulator Freezes?

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Feb 15, 2011
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I'm trying to get the three Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wiiware titles working on Dolphin 5.0-12080. I've tried both the clean WADs and WADs that have been patched with the fan translations (both garnered the same result), and I've set everything to the recommended settings as shown on the Emulation Wiki. However, I just can't seem to get them to work!

The WADs open fine, initially. I can select all of the menu options given to me and even start the process of getting into a new game. After picking my team name and/or going into a save file, the game loads up a screen that says "Title" and "New Game". If I select "Title," the game returns to the title screen just fine. If I select "New Game," the game fades to a black screen and the music fades out. After that, no buttons respond. I can still exit out to the main Dolphin window with ESC, but the emulation window responds to nothing else. Not even home button presses.

I heard this issue could be fixed by setting the display region to the native region of whatever your Wii NAND is set to, but that did not solve the problem.

Another strange issue I'm having is that whenever the game is accessing/creating/saving data, the screen is completely pink except for the icon in the bottom corner of what should be the box that says things like "Creating save data... Do not turn off your Wii." I know this is the case because there's a frame or two of the screen I should be seeing when the game starts fading to the next screen. Could that be related?

Please help.
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