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    Yellow Man's WonderMail Shop


    1.NO Spamming
    2.Only talk about wondermail related thing
    3.DON'T double post

    Wondermail Catergories:
    5.Rare Items
    7.Scarfs, Ribbons, & Bands
    8.Evolution Items
    9. Golden Chamber
    11.Suprise( Unown Reward)

    1. Exclusives:
    Combee - Wonder Mail Password: =X2& 5X+H HM@7 7Q8S PCHM TC&N
    Pachirisu - Wonder Mail Password: XWPP WR%+ 8-C3 #-N7 62Q@ QK+9
    Riolu - Wonder Mail Password: 6@YW ST%H +TN& C0K7 Y7#& SQ-7
    Burmy - Wonder Mail Password: XR2Y #==@ JYX% 3@2F Q8FQ R@M#
    Buneary - Wonder Mail Password: H+5M 8JPY SKY+ %43M SJ&Q Y#+2
    Rotom - Wonder Mail Password: 8HTR MY9+ K6+@ NT=M 9Q6R 38@5

    2. Bosses:
    Kyogre (FN01 HWN- 00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3)
    Groudon (Real) (#&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7Y)
    Articuno (4MP= K98# CT%Y R@-- &P7% %K86)
    Heatran (FH0T HYNH R0QF 86N8 +SY@ &%YN)
    Giratina (WNWY JXTK &5C1 4N3- P4NM 8K&C)
    Rayquaza (HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P-)
    Mew (X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8K)
    Gabite (78SR -H2M P0+4 Y6FY 1&Y+ #R9S)

    3. Gummi's
    Black Gummi: W@YH &8H2 %JP- WSCP =NRQ SCPW
    Black Gummi+?: @P4P %-NS %0N5 XK0- 3WW4 T#4%
    Black Gummi+?: ST-6 44&X %C16 5@4S 9YP+ @PN6
    Blue Gummi: HMQX 5K4T 6##5 Y2N+ HM09 NPR@
    Blue Gummi: 9T#N %F4R M136 %6W1 Q69- K1YC
    Blue Gummi: RJ32 FXPM FW2+ K6+P PMY# XC0+
    Blue Gummi: 6M=7 0HM% -9=X R%C6 NM1# 7F1J
    Clear Gummi: NC-M 65&6 -QMR SK13 &X57 P-7P
    Clear Gummi+?: 6WPP HM&0 @%-& 1R=0 K0MK =+TT
    Grass Gummi: S+QN NT&T 15KK R&SX PS0P 5=3-
    Grass Gummi+?: TSHC 73H8 Y8%P 4R96 6FCP 37+3
    Grass Gummi: 2+-Y TS69 &6W3 P2R# 3&7M @&%N
    Grass Gummi: @=R= 10M- 60#S &2CX RFJ9 5W+-
    Grass Gummi +?: PJ&# FJ%+ 9CY3 #-N7 685- 5J81
    Gray Gummi: PJ&# FJ%+ 9CY3 #-N7 685- 5J81
    Gray Gummi+?: 9#43 F4%K 83PQ YMKR #1X@ 2=%3
    Gray Gummi+?: 2000 3198 H&F+ F1&F 969R PJ-P
    Gray Gummi: %X&Q H68W P#RR9M1Y &W31 P&73
    Orange Gummi: 1TP- 92J- 1#Y7 HH%4 Q49J K&%=
    Orange Gummi: Q#+P @59W 4C90 M#R7 %6Q& SW14
    Orange Gummi: @9Y4 =PPP -RK= ==M= R9%7 C#X9
    Orange Gummi+?: SP&& F217 R09P @NR+ QR#X S@%R
    Orange Gummi+?: YCTQ 7H5X XX== 428M K53S #&C0
    Orange Gummi: &WT9 &RFR -2C9 -6#H J+=% TQSX
    Orange Gummi+?: 7=8C C2HR NRNH @-JS 4N6X #S=0
    Pink Gummi: %6+& +3@F %@55 6+&Y HWHC N4C#
    Pink Gummi+?: =R=4 3==@ 1NS% 3MF= 8@RJ 2QF=
    Purple Gummi: HC3% F+T6 CS2T J5R@ JH12 N1WY
    Purple Gummi: T+&H #8+& NS%2 K6HT KC#X JQJ4
    Purple Gummi+?: 493M 3Y61 FY#MN#RF FQF2 J&CW
    Red Gummi+?: YSFC T2TY 93#9 @=+M 35CP 03S7
    Royal Gummi: M5X# MQ+% T9&% 96XQ SW52 TH85
    Royal Gummi+?: 75S0 ++68 Y@0= JHQ7 Y653 F8=K
    Silver Gummi: 6J76 @RNS -JN2 %S7Y =0J% 5M0X
    Silver Gummi+?: M#8# JT9C 3774 Q4-H TQ&8 3P+=
    Silver Gummi+?: J577 4#7H HF7M =&#P J8=T STH5
    Silver Gummi+?: =@6J 5%P1 X7%P H7HN C88R 84QM
    Sky Gummi: P-TQ NYKQ FK90 @3&9 J6CP HP4-
    Yellow Gummi+?: R&RN YHQY 1MH2 8&=R ST4+ 52J5
    Yellow Gummi+?: PK55 @RTT #6&6 M7CN WP9R SQ=2
    Yellow Gummi+?: 3PKY P092 R=#F TS2= 1YS5 #8FR
    Yellow Gummi: #H+1 1YMH 767F FH9T 88&M QQ=-
    Yellow Gummi: #688 WH6Y 27CT CX2T @9J9 %1-+
    Yellow Gummi+?: QH5K N9XX YQ-6 NH8Q -&WQ PRHY
    Yellow Gummi+?: 0667 K3PX FQ03 9PSP XS2= NXXX
    White Gummi: 5YR5 R96X 6++W 57JT H+-# +RSS
    White Gummi: F-M*bleep*#K YKM2 F==3 =++K K41H
    White Gummi+ Royal Gummi: @-N+ 6F8S QQ3P -QR5 HSM4 XPK0
    Brown Gummi: 271+ HKP5 3Y@T P90F &XMP FNT9
    Brown Gummi: W7NT WHJN 776@ XTSJ &N+7 H=&=
    Brown Gummi: K37R @TC- 3CPT M@%7 RNPW NCFY
    Brown Gummi+ Payback: RTYX C6+H #P9%16+Q X@K2 CQ3Q
    Gold Gummi: N260 =RQ& 97RQ 6Y&N R4TR M%@+
    Gold Gummi+?: X&6@ Q1M9 +7WP 6SF2 8MPY %#T1

    4. Seeds
    Joy Seed: #&#H QTX= KW&& X%MK CRJR 7@89
    Joy Seed: R1+Y 9C=0 &#FY #H+N C#8T SXN-
    Joy Seed+?: +7TM 43-= CT4R 44P5 9M06 =M&2

    5. Rare Items
    Enigma Part: PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=
    Secret StonePlate(Slab): S=W7 3&8S 2CSQ 0-7Y HP3+ H260
    Secret StonePlate(Slab)+300Poke: %J@S JJ&J R0#2 F%+T 78C4 +=K1

    6. Itmes
    Coronet Rock: 4J=T 269N 5KQ8 M-3% 0P0P SWX=
    Link Box: Q8TW 1#SC WKR= JJ6@ WXJY R#T1
    Grass Dust: +%#J 5J@6 9@&Y 2FCT -KJ2 K7MF
    Reviver Seed: NNJP =4%K T68Q Y0HY #3== J=CH
    Reviver Seed: W=0@ HWK- 8@2W &4W& -#1J J669
    Reviver Seed: C1R# &7M6 Q-=2 4QH# FCRP 5&Q3
    Reviver Seed+?: HFJ0 136X 4CH9 -RHH &0+# WT@M

    7. Scarfs, Ribbons, & Bands
    Joy Ribbon: &+PS P28R XJ7X MCKP =3S2 %3KP
    Gold Ribbon: H7H0 H==@ JF4% 3+Q% +C0T JQSW
    Gold Ribbon:JXWS PX-W NPWR P-KH N&%@ C0+1
    Beauty Scarf: 0J&K SFM0 +Q78 G-N# N2XC KCQK
    Beauty Scarf: NK99 1452 905& 67N5 7679 @C+@
    Beauty Scarf+?: SXT- RJF8 3K19 -473 @CSW Q%1
    Mobile Scarf: &&HJ QM40 S2SM 0M52 RCHK MFJ@
    Sun Ribbon: %1T7 #TWY J+96 0-47 &W@= 14#Y
    Zinc Band+?: @WWH K8X1 8@C+ C8KT N51H #213
    Lunar Ribbon+?: %-94 RKFY %505 XXMM C=FY K45N
    Power Band: C843 89+9 8N7T XYQ8 2M&9 24@W
    Heal Ribbon+Persim Band: 910C 5F2T TC%Q 9NJP &8PN S1@3
    Dodge Scarf: TC@1 5S-C JW7& %P5R NKY6 1FPC

    8. Evolution Items
    Frozen Rock: 4N%Q 8M64 M3XQ 8P03 70XW -XM3
    Frozon Rock: @6Q= 7-94 2H8N 5YT% 8X%% 8P83
    Kings Rock: 23+H F199 J1J+ FR0S 5X20 &JPJ
    Dawn Stone: N54= MK=F SH1F CR8= R@HN 14#Y
    Moon Stone: &+8+ =QX= -6M% 7M4+ +-PS QP%K
    Dubious Disc: JF7X QC92 K0WM 8KM& &7JN H558
    Metal Coat: #JW3 SFCH SXK8 &WKK #=03 -T6X
    Metal Coat: NP3S MTH- T&TM QFY@ N1q& SFNK
    Razor Claw: @18@ %&1X CXNR JWTM 1&R% 9C=5
    Link Cable: 6#N9 0X33 6064 C0P6 QNRX 5=+&
    Electrilizer: XC0= R01N NY1P @027 F5#+ F@7K
    Deepseascale+?: WT19 2-H2 =K@- WTJ3 =JJ6 4C16
    Deepseatooth: 4-4F K6J4 55+4 #F9S WQ0C 0FMT
    Leaf Stone: M%9& 4@## &YKY HWWP %P7- @JK1
    Magmarizer: =TK+ 0KH7 2MNJ NRW5 P@RS &Y6=
    Thunderstone+?: T2C4 C093 T4&6 YK#R Y%X9 4Q53
    Dusk Stone+?: X0=- JQ&X 1X4K RY=8 Y=23 M=FH

    9. Golden Chambers
    150 Poke+?: F7MC XQ7- #CS8 S+QS N@F5 QTRW
    ???: P0TN YJ#Q 36S+ =&9H 2YP% J2=4
    ???: 8774 =F0# 3&N5 S1WH C%3S H3-5
    700 poke: F3-= MSH8 MT@P 4M5S 6094 Y71@
    ???: JM6# 3&1X K4@R J6H5 1X@W WCHT
    ???: RK66 X6+H X55% 1%QM @0YQ 9Q1M
    600Poke+ Link Box:TS17 2M3J TNKY 24F@ 9N2# XY-N

    10. Location
    Lake Afar: 3PNY =#887 NC45 @CW- S7%H J6T5
    Serenity River: PQ1R -KQ@ CFXC WF55 0XN1 6H0C
    Shimmer Hill: 8#QX 4Q&X WWFK R17% -#9F 5=C9
    Lush Prairie: 1HK= 0Q@9 &N&3 H082 @HS0 XQ1W
    Happy Outlook: 92MK QF2X M#HQ 9T#1 &KJ# W1K9
    Landslide Cave: W#QY =7W& -996 RW+- 4NW# 84FR
    Lost Wilderness: YNP5 Q&%9 HP5+ SWK5 60P0 W1%W
    Midnight Forest: X7=C J8+3 FRWK +919 H%09 Y+F+
    Oran Forest: R#F& =7R3 R37X +Q+& 6FWK YJN5
    Tiny Meadow: 3JSH NT1W C9HW 32@3 T6+8 CRM2

    11. Suprise (Unown Reward)
    ???: H#@6 N73J F-2Y 22%Q 8WWN QX%9
    ???: X1W9 YMRN H=@% PCFM JPKR 4YR-
    ???: %F8+ 9T+W TJC% 9-8T FXJQ JJ90

    12. Foods
    Iron: S45X HW6W J1JT 7MNT 1==5 FN@#
    Protein+?: %#W0 F&NH 3JJR 6XX# SJ-6 2H@P
    Calcium+?: X&3N 4JCP H-35 52%F &021 0FY6

    13. Eggs
    Egg: #%HQ 2R%S J23- Q4R3 CSN= T88S
    Egg: CP87 598+ 45#Y R&P7 X4#K 9K51

    14. Money
    400Poke+?: 5K+3 S7M7 @4K2 472F FFNH T&RN
    300Poke+ Silver Gummi: 878@ ==@- 5&%1 S6Q1 MN@& CH0C

    15. TMs/HMs
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    Know Where
  3. Unchi-san

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    sorry I am noob at this game...

    Whats the whole point of entering these wonder mail codes?

    Does it unlock certain jobs?
  4. ndpndnt16

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    unchi-san: yes it will unlock some of those mission and you can get some pokemons only via
  5. Unchi-san

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    kool thanks. Im assuming wherever it says "grass gummi + ?" means the reward you get for the mission when you complete it in the wonder mail codes above?
  6. ndpndnt16

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    Unchi-san: yes it is

    Now I just updated the codes check it out
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    Thanks for the codes, I needed the exclusives. =]
  8. TeamFury

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    Hi, I need some *6 and star *7 bounty hunter missions that don't involve Zero Isle.....at all. [​IMG]

    TeamFury [​IMG]

    If you find anything e-mail me at ErikStarling@hotmail.com
  9. gforce05

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    May 16, 2008
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    holy crap thats alot uv codes thank you so much i just have one question so far: for the mission with rotom, it says that i cant handle the job yet im diamond rank and its a d rank mission. the other bosses 1s i tried said the place and unlocked it. how do i do the mission? please help me! [​IMG]
  10. Narin

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    Hmm, what about rare pokemon and unobtainable pokemon like Primal Dialga?
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