1. JJ1013

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    Apr 16, 2018
    By the title, I mean:

    - Can I get flagged for this?
    - Could I get banned for this if this was 2017? (People are saying that they aren't getting banned for literally anything since 2019)
    - Should I feel bad for this? (in terms of someone paranoic about gameplay legality, like RNG processing as it is supposed to be)
    - Does this affect the other person's connection?
    - Can the server detect that the player's framerate isn't capped?
    (EDITED) Elite007 said that the server could detect that cheats are being used. Would the server have mercy with me in this case? (/EDITED)
    - insert more questions about legality
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  2. E1ite007

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    Nov 19, 2016
    -You're already flagged. When you install CFW, when you load up homebrew even on .3dsx or pirated games, etc. We're all already flagged since the beginin'.
    -Not entirely true, you could still get banned today if, for example, you cheated on Nintendo Badge Arcade to give you more... credits I think they're called. At least I think this is still dangerous even today.
    -The cheats only delimit the FPS of the game, so I don't think RNG should change, at least not by this point.

    Cannot answer the other questions, I've never used 60 FPS cheats, but regardin' to the last question, maybe... but what the server would detect are the cheats, not which ones are used, but this matters only if you play online.
    I'm answerin' most questions with my experience on what the bans used to be, and how could you get banned in the past.
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