RELEASE Pokémon Let's get Pulverized Pikachu! and Let's get Eradicated Eevee!

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    Is it possible to lock the style into "set" and prevent both the player and opposing trainer from using items in battle?

    Can the starter pokemon be evolved?
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    i talked to the dev on reddit he has been banned from gba temp im not sure if he can even see the site anymore let alone post on it. he did say he was going to repost the mods someone else he didnt say where and he also said he was working on them still.
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    Yeah best time I have had on let’s go since it launched, plus gurochu helps to remind me I’m in hell now, having so much fun with the difficulty increase, nothing says your in for fun like getting one shotted my your rivals legendary, oak freaking favoring his grandson for once XD

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    Dec 23, 2015
    Playing right now. I was excited until I saw the very first match against my rival who owns a shiny Mew at the very beginning. Second fight against Rival now he owns a shiny Dratini.

    Bro that's so uncool and makes me feel delete the mod. It's like giving a kid tools to make a mod and he exaggerating it... Why don't you just leave the original Pokemon just higher levels... Or make surprises sometimes or at the end. Imagine that shiny Mew at the final fight... But that makes special things worthless right at the very beginning.

    After my third battle against a random NPC I won Money and 150 Hyperballs. And I think the stats from opponent's Pokemon are always max.
    I am deleting the mod sorry it's too much.
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    Aug 2, 2013
    +1 I been waiting for a mod that makes the game more challenging and more like a traditional pokemon game so could this be done with wild pokemon battles instead of the pokemon go catch system
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