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Sep 18, 2020
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makes me wonder if Alpha pokemon can also be shiny



Sep 19, 2020
Lol i already updated the list to english back on page 16
Here is a proper translation of all the items in the game.

HEX name
0011 Potion
0017 Full Restore
0018 Max Potion
0019 Hyper Potion
001A Super Potion
001B Full Heal
001C Revive
001D Max Revive
0027 Max Ether
0029 Max Elixir
0032 Rare Candy
0036 Old Gateau
0048 Red Shard
0049 Blue Shard
004B Green Shard
0050 Sun Stone
0051 Moon Stone
0052 Fire Stone
0053 Thunder Stone
0054 Water Stone
0055 Leaf Stone
005A Stardust
005B Star Piece
005C Nugget
006B Shiny Stone
006C Dusk Stone
006D Dawn Stone
006E Oval Stone
006F Odd Keystone
0095 Cheri Berry
0096 Chesto Berry
0097 Pecha Berry
0098 Rawst Berry
0099 Aspear Berry
009A Leppa Berry
009B Oran Berry
009D Lum Berry
009E Sitrus Berry
009F Figy Berry
00A0 Wiki Berry
00A1 Mago Berry
00A2 Aguav Berry
00A3 Iapapa Berry
00A4 Razz Berry
00A6 Nanab Berry
00A8 Pinap Berry
00E9 Metal Coat
00FC Upgrade
012A Flame Plate
012B Splash Plate
012C Zap Plate
012D Meadow Plate
012E Icicle Plate
012F Fist Plate
0130 Toxic Plate
0131 Earth Plate
0132 Sky Plate
0133 Mind Plate
0134 Insect Plate
0135 Stone Plate
0136 Spooky Plate
0137 Draco Plate
0138 Dread Plate
0139 Iron Plate
0141 Protector
0142 Electirizer
0143 Magmarizer
0144 Dubious Disc
0145 Reaper Cloth
0146 Razor Claw
0147 Razor Fang
01B9 Red Chain
01C7 Azure Flute
01D2 Gracidea
0247 Comet Shard
027E Reveal Glass
0284 Pixie Plate
0351 Ice stone
0465 Exp. Candy S
0466 Exp. Candy M
0467 Exp. Candy L
0468 Exp. Candy XL
04CF Lonely Mint
04D0 Adamant Mint
04D1 Naught Mint
04D2 Brave Mint
04D3 Bold Mint
04D4 Impish Mint
04D5 Lax Mint
04D6 Relaxed Mint
04D7 Modest Mint
04D8 Mild Mint
04D9 Rash Mint
04DA Quiet Mint
04DB Calm Mint
04DC Gentle Mint
04DD Careful Mint
04DE Sassy Mint
04DF Timid Mint
04E0 Hasty Mint
04E1 Jolly Mint
04E2 Naive Mint
04E3 Serious Mint
0648 Time Balm
0649 Space Balm
064A Mysterious Balm
064B Linking Cord
064C Hometown Muffin
064D Apricorn
064E Jubilife Muffin
064F Aux Powerguard
0650 Dire Hit
0651 Choice Dumpling
0652 Twice-Spiced Radish
0653 Swap Snack
0654 Caster Fern
0655 Seed of Mastery
0656 Poke ball
0658 Eternal Ice
0659 Uxie's Claw
065A Azelf's Fang
065B Mespirit's Plume
065C Tumblestone
065D Celestica Flute
065E Remedy
065F Fine Remedy
0660 Dazzling Honey
0661 Hearty Grains
0662 Plump Beans
0663 Springy Mushroom
0664 Crunchy Salt
0665 Wood
0666 King's Leaf
0667 Marsh Balm
0668 Poke ball Recipe
0669 Breat Ball Recipe
066A Ultra Ball Recipe
066B Feather Ball Recipe
066C Pokeshi Doll Recipe
066E Smoke Bomb Recipe
066F Scatter Bang Recipe
0670 Sticky Glob Recipe
0671 Star Piece Recipe
0672 Mushroom Cake Recipe
0673 Bugwort Recipe
0674 Honey Cake Recipe
0675 Grain Cake Recipe
0676 Bean Cake Recipe
0677 Salt Cake Recipe
0678 Potion Recipe
0679 Super Potion Recipe
067A Hyper Potion Recipe
067B Max Potion Recipe
067C Full Restore Recipe
067D Remedy Recipe
067E Fine Remedy Recipe
067F Superb Remedy Recipe
0680 Old Gateau Recipe
0681 Jubilife Muffin Recipe
0682 Full Heal Recipe
0683 Revive Recipe
0684 Max Revive Recipe
0685 Max Ether Recipe
0686 Max Elixir Recipe
0687 Stealth Spray Recipe
0689 Aux Power Recipe
068A Aux Guard Recipe
068B Dire Hit Recipe
068C Aux Evasion Recipe
068D Aux Powerguard Recipe
068E Forest Balm
068F Iron Chunk
0691 Black Tumblestone
0692 Sky TumbleStone
0694 Ball of Mud
0696 Pop Pod
0697 Sootfoot Root
0698 Spoiled Apricorn
0699 Snowball
069A Sticky Glob
069B Black Augurite
069C Peat Block
069D Stealth Spray
069E Medicinal Leek
069F Vivichoke
06A0 Pep-Up Plant
06A3 Tempting Charm B
06A4 Tempting Charm P
06A5 Swordcap
06A6 Iron Barktongue
06A7 Doppel Bonnets
06A8 Dire Shroom
06A9 Sand Radish
06AA Tempting Charm T
06AB Tempting Charm Y
06AC Candy Truffle
06AD Cake-Lure Base
06AE Poke Ball
06AF Great Ball
06B0 Ultra Ball
06B1 Feather Ball
06B4 Scatter Bang
06B5 Smoke Bomb
06B8 Pokeshi Doll
06B9 Volcano Balm
06BA Mountain Balm
06BB Snow Balm
06BC Honey Cake Recipe
06BD Grain Cake Recipe
06BE Bean Cake Recipe
06BF Mushroom Cake Recipe
06C0 Salt Cake Recipe
06C1 Swap Snack Recipe
06C2 Choice Dumpling Recipe
06C3 Twice-Spiced Radish Recipe
06C4 Survival Charm R
06C5 Survival Charm B
06C6 Survival Charm P
06C7 Survival Charm T
06C8 Survival Charm Y
06C9 Torn Journal
06CA Warding Charm R
06CB Warding Charm B
06CC Warding Charm P
06CD Warding Charm T
06CE Warding Charm Y
06CF Wall Fragment
06D0 Basculegion Food
06D1 Old Journal
06D2 Wing Ball
06D3 Jet Ball
06D4 Heavy Ball
06D5 Leaden Ball
06D6 Gigaton Ball
06D7 Wing Ball Recipe
06D8 Jet Ball Recipe
06D9 Heavy Ball Recipe
06DA Hopo Berry
06DB Superb Remedy
06DC Aux Power
06DD Aux Guard
06DE Aux Evasion
06DF Grit Dust
06E0 Grit Gravel
06E1 Grit Pebble
06E2 Grit Rock
06E3 Secret Medicine
06E4 Tempting Charm R
06E5 Lost Satchel
06E6 Lost Satchel
06E7 Lost Satchel
06E8 Lost Satchel
06E9 Lost Satchel
06EB Origin Ball
06F0 Origin Ore
06F1 Adamant Crystal
06F2 Lustrous Globe
06F3 Griseous Core
06F4 Blank Plate
06F6 Crafting Kit
06F7 Leaden Ball Recipe
06F8 Gigaton Ball Recipe
06F9 Strange Ball
06FA Pokedex
06FB Old Verse 1
06FC Old Verse 2
06FD Old Verse 3
06FE Old Verse 4
0700 Old Verse 5
0701 Old Verse 6
0702 Old Verse 7
0703 Old Verse 8
0704 Old Verse 9
0705 Old Verse 10
0706 Old Verse 11
0707 Old Verse 12
0708 Old Verse 13
0709 Old Verse 14
070A Old Verse 15
070B Old Verse 16
070C Old Verse 17
070D Old Verse 18
070E Old Verse 19
070F Old Verse 20

Would a caught multiplier be easy/possible? So like say you caught a Shinx and it counted as catching 30 or so, or you battled a Pokemon and it counted as beating 30 or so.


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May 28, 2015
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xci installed with tinfoil on sx os works fine on ams, at least that is my case
I dont mean with tinfoil, if you install xci using sxos xci installer they dont work.

Ive ditched sxos completely now, no purpose for it anymore as pointer tools are better now for ams.

But im going to leave switch for a break and focus time on finding what I need to start making codes for ps4 games.


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Mar 21, 2020
It would be useful a cheat to increase the experience for the character you gain from the professor, to level up yourself
Yeah I need those research points. Just wanna beat the game, not much of a pokemon grinder
research point multiplier would be nice
[07# Max Research Points]
040A0000 01020498 2A0903E8

This code is by @patjenova (thanks patjenova!), just go speak directly to the commander to raise your rank, no need to see professor.


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Apr 23, 2016
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[07# Max Research Points]
040A0000 01020498 2A0903E8

This code is by @patjenova (thanks patjenova!), just go speak directly to the commander to raise your rank, no need to see professor.
Be cautious. This does NOT complete you dex though. So you still will not be able to fight Arceus the true final boss of the game.
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