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    Jan 8, 2017
    So I recently started playing through a combination of the pokemon sacred gold hack and the moemon platinum hack (baiscally just had the sprites copied over from platinum) and I noticed that pokemon with multiple forms (unknown, deoxys etc...) didnt have the changed sprites, I found the problem (there sprites were stored in a different .narc) and fixed it, which was a pain since I couldn't figure out a fast way to do it and ended up doing it manually for everything single image and palette in the .narc using PokeDsPic, and got it all done so that all the pokemon with extra forms work (except pichu because it didnt have multiple forms in platinum but does in heartgold because of spiky ears pichu) booted up the rom on desmume and it worked fine, and I checked pokemon with multiple forms and saw that they were working (gastrodon, cherrim and deoxys) however I now find that when I open the pokedex my game black screens. Im unsure what could have caused this since I only changed the sprites and palettes, but I'd appreciate any advice.

    If any of the files are needed let me know and ill post them, only havn't for now since im unsure which things people will need.
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